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Fourth of July Kids Party Ideas

The Fourth of July, Independence Day 2010 is almost here! Where has the time gone to? If you have kids how about planning a Fourth of July party? Here are some tips that may help:

independence-day-2007.jpgThis year has been going by too fast it seems! Its less than a month away. Independence Day is almost here.  What are your plans? How about planning on having a Fourth of July party for your child? If so, here are some tips to make it an extra special day:

Help your child make out invitations using red, white, and blue construction paper. Be sure to have an RSVP with a PS, noting everyone should dress in red, white, and blue.

Get everyone involved to make it more special. Try enlisting the help of your family to help design, and make party decorations. Print, or buy some coloring books, and have on hand red and blue crayons. If it’s a warm day, you can certainly have the party in the back yard. Decorate a table with patriotic colors, and include all paper goods, and plastic spoons and forks, getting some fun decoration for the kids like mardi gras beads would be a good idea for them.

Depending on the age of the children, decide on an appropriate menu. Perhaps you would like to bake a flag sheet cake, as well! You can even add sparklers to it, upon presentation.

Purchase either a piñata or party favors for the kids, such as patriotic hats; red, white, and blue beaded bracelets for the girls; and red, white, and blue caps for the boys. Perhaps you can make party gifts for the kids by putting candies and toys in little patriotic sacks, or cloth bags made from red, white, and blue fabric. How about a bit of face painting?
Draw red and blue stars on their cheek, or forehead.

If you have a John Philip Sousa CD, you can have the kids play musical chairs. How about having a flag kite ready for launching after lunch? The kids would love that! You can play follow the leader, by playing a patriotic CD, handing every child a mini flag, and having them follow you around the backyard or through the house in a zigzag motion.

You can always make the holidays fun for you and your family. Throwing a child’s Fourth of July party may take a bit of planning, but the result is worth all of the time taken to make this “one special celebration!”


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