Parenting Tips for Taming Morning Mania

Beating the Morning Rush. If you're tired of dealing with the morning rush, there are things that you can do to deal with this in a positive way. Here are a few.

Taming the Morning Rush - Super Mommy Beating the Morning Rush

When you are getting your kids up in the morning to get ready for daycare or school, it can definitely become frustrating and stressful. Often morning mania occurs, which has you dreading those mornings during the week. If you’re tired of dealing with this problem, there are things that you can do to deal with this in a positive way. Here are a few tips that can help you go from morning mania to something a bit less hectic.

Tip #1 – Make it a Routine

One of the most important tips for taming morning mania in your home is to make getting up and ready for the day a routine. If you don’t start a routine and make sure your kids know that this is not an option, your mornings will become a lot easier. Establish a routine that is non-negotiable and talk to your kids about consequences that will occur if they not follow the routine. Without a routine you’ll end up with tantrums and morning melt-downs, which will mean everyone begins their day in a stressful way.

Tip #2 – Try Planning Out Outfits

Morning mania can often be caused by missing socks, shoes that are mismatched, or a shirt that suddenly has a stain on it. To avoid the frantic shuffle trying to find clothing to wear, try planning out outfits for your kids ahead of time. For younger kids, help them pick out what they’ll wear, allowing them some input. This should include everything, from socks, to shoes, outer clothing, underwear, and anything else they are going to wear. Plan ahead and lay it all out the night before. It will save a lot of time. Older kids can choose their own clothing, but have them choose the night before as well so you avoid clothing drama in the morning.

Tip #3 – Determine Breakfast the Night Before

Another tip for taming down that morning mania is to determine breakfast the night before. Decide what you’ll be doing for breakfast in the morning. Every family is different. You may want to send money so kids can eat breakfast at school, or always have cereal and fruit waiting in the morning. Maybe you want to plan out a breakfast menu to follow. However you decide to do this, just make sure your kids get plenty of good nutrition and have it all planned out so you aren’t scrambling to find breakfast options in the morning.

Tip #4 – Try Some Organization

Some organization can make a big difference and cut down on the stress of those weekday mornings too. If your kids take lunch to school, make sure that you have them packed and ready in the fridge the night before. Keep jackets in one area where kids can quickly grab them on the way out the door. Make sure kids have their backpacks ready and loaded before bed so they can just grab them and go out the door without dashing around trying to find the missing homework.

Tip #5 – Make Kids Responsible for Getting Up

Older kids should be made responsible for getting up on their own. There comes a point when you shouldn’t have to be the one getting them up in the mornings anyway. Instead of having parents yelling at them to get up, give them the option to use an alarm clock so they get up and get ready on time. If they miss something, have them set their alarm a bit earlier the next day. This is a good way to help kids learn responsibility..

Tip #6 – Be a Role Model of Good Behavior in the Morning

Last, make sure that you are a role model of good behavior in the morning. That morning mania may be caused by you if you aren’t showing off a good model of proper behavior. If you are frantic, grumpy, and you moan and groan your way through the morning, your kids are probably going to copy your attitude. Start getting up a few minutes earlier, stay organized, and keep your attitude level and happy as you go through the morning routine. Over time your kids will catch on and you’ll be able to end that morning mania.

You don’t have to keep going through mornings that have you stressed to the max before ever leaving your home. Start using these tips on a daily basis and you’ll definitely see a positive change.


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