National Family Day – Do Something with Your Family This September 27th

National Family Day 2010 takes place on September 27th. This special day is part of a movement to help get parents and kids to start eating dinner together.

National Family Day is all about Family Time and Family Meals What are you doing on Monday, September 27th? Hopefully, you’ll be doing something special with your family. You see, National Family Day 2010 takes place on September 27th. This special day is part of a movement to help get parents and kids to start eating dinner together. Too many families spend their time going separate ways, doing separate things, and almost living separate lives. You need to find some time to spend together so you can talk to your kids, find out what’s going on, and strengthen the family bonds.

The mission of Family Day is to get families to start eating together once again. Behind this day is a study that was done by Columbia University National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse. The findings of these studies done have shown that kids that eat dinner with their family are less likely to end up doing drugs, smoking, or drinking. After these findings came to like the Center on Addition and Substance Abuse launched a movement to help parents realize that having dinner as a family really does make a big difference. While it started out as a simple grassroots initiative, it has since grown to be a celebration that takes place across the nation.

Back in 2009, the President even came out in support of National Family Day. Many county executives, mayors, and governors have also come out to support this day. As many have mentioned, our courts and legislators will never be able to solve the big drug problem that is going on among young people in America. This is something that can only be solved at home by families that spend time together. Already there have been over a million Americans that have made the pledge to have dinner with their family on this day.

Of course, while it’s important to spend time this Family Day eating a meal with your family, this is something that families should adapt all year long. That time together as a family allows you to spend quality time together and to talk about their day, their friends, their interests, and more. In fact, it opens the doors to talk to kids about important topics like alcohol and drugs. While it’s best to start the pattern of family dinners while the kids are young, it’s never too late to start this tradition with your own family.

Wondering how to have successful dinners together? Try getting kids to help in making menus and preparing the meal. Leave the phones in another room and turn the television off so you can focus on your family. Have a routine each night at mealtime when you spend time together. Keep the conversation light and positive and make sure you don’t leave anyone out.

So, why not start planning your dinner for National Family Day. Make it a special one on September 27th and then pledge to start making family dinners a nightly occurrence in your home.

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