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Eachy year one thing we all look forward to is the family holiday. Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner and many families are thinking of traveling. While family holidays can be stressful they can also be fun and enjoyable and create memories that last a lifetime. Here are some thoughts on family holidays.

Each year one thing we all look forward to is the family holiday; whether it is Thanksgiving or Christmas, 4th of July or Hanukah, getting the family together for a holiday is always what makes it enjoyable and memorable. With both [tag-tec]Thanksgiving[/tag-tec] and Christmas just around the corner many families are thinking of traveling. While family holidays can be stressful they can also be fun and enjoyable and create memories that last a lifetime. Here are some thoughts on family holidays.

What to Expect on a Family Holiday

As we grow up, the times we remember and cherish most are the family holidays we had and the things that took place at those gatherings. Attending a family holiday is relaxing and enjoyable, because you are in a gathering of people who love one another and want to be in each other’s company – at least most of the time.

There are many times when one gets a bit stressed by taking a family holiday such as: 

* Coming home for a family holiday with a boyfriend/girlfriend your family doesn’t know about. 
* Hosting a big family holiday where all of your family members are expected out, including your in-laws. 
* A family holiday that requires expensive preparation and travel.
* A family holiday at your in-laws.

While there are probably many more reasons why a family holiday can end up slightly stressful, the truth is that in the end you overcome all this stress by being in the company of your family, who you thought would cause the stress in the first place.

Complicated? Not at all – there are times when we feel nervous in the presence of some family members, but if you are calling them family, then remember there is no issue that cannot be worked out between family.

Family is the most precious gift we have, which will stand by you no matter what even if some will criticize, scream (moms usually), discipline (dads), and pamper (grandparents) – they all mean well deep down inside and will always be there for you.

Family holidays, whether its [tag-ice]Christmas[/tag-ice] or the 4th of July, may be hectic almost always, but they are the times we had, have, and will always have to remember and cherish. It is at these gatherings that we learn to share and love one another, to be patient and obedient, and do what our heart tells us, as the family will always be there behind you to support and love you.

Whatever you do, don’t let this holiday season stress you out. Enjoy [tag-cat]family[/tag-cat] gathering and holidays even if they are not always great – connecting with family is what makes us who we are and what we will be, now and always. This is the time memories that last a lifetime are created, so have fun and enjoy!

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