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The Tooth Fairy – Celebrating Loose Teeth

Ahh, The Tooth Fairy and that very first loose tooth is a pretty big milestone and opens up a variety of great opportunities for you to teach kids more about dental hygiene in a fun and exciting way.

little tooth fairy That very first loose tooth is something you need to celebrate when it happens to your child. It’s a pretty big milestone and opens up a variety of great opportunities for you to teach kids more about dental hygiene and visiting a family dentist at a general dentistry or a pediatric dental clinic. As that first tooth loosens, it’s a sign that your child is getting a bit older and sometimes kids aren’t too sure they are happy about losing their teeth. The great thing is that if you help them celebrate this time, it will help them to adjust to it and make it fun for them to embrace this new stage in their life. You can also teach them the importance of taking care of their teeth and if they do have a bit of unaligned teeth then you can show them what braces are and how they work, if they don’t like the idea of colored bands in their mouth then you can explain to them that there are other options like invisalign. 

I was also in Mexico for a while and had some brilliant dental implants fitted so see here for affordable dental implants in Tijuana Mexico. Here are some wonderful ideas that you can use to make it an exciting and learning event, to learn more see here.

History of the Tooth Fairy

Of course, when children lose teeth in the United States, often they are told about the Tooth Fairy. This is an exciting fable that has been around for many years. Back in Europe, hundreds of years ago, when the baby tooth fell out, they would bury it in the ground, teaching kids that an adult tooth would then grow in it’s place although if you’re not sure you can research for signs of teething in your little children or you can take them to a pediatric dentistry clinic for professional medical attention. Many other countries across the world had similar fables and myths surrounding the loss of baby tooth. Some felt that baby teeth needed to be buried on the grounds of the church to prevent a curse.

As people began to migrate to America, many of these superstitions and beliefs came along with them. Eventually things changed to burying teeth in small planters, and eventually this changed into having children place the tooth under a pillow where it was replaced with a coin or other treat.

Kids, being curious, wanted to know where their teeth went. This brought about the story of the Tooth Fairy removing their teeth and giving them a treat instead, and so this fable was born. Wondering what happens to those teeth the Tooth Fairy collects? Well, the story goes that all those teeth are turned into starts in the sky.

Teaching Kids Dental Hygiene

Celebrating a loose tooth is important, but it definitely is a great time for parents to introduce dental hygiene to their children. Since the subject of teeth has come up, it’s a great time to start teaching kids how important keeping their teeth clean is and other important hygiene. Since children will be getting their permanent teeth, they need to learn how to properly take care of them. They should visit a general dentistry or pediatric dental clinic like dr homan omaha ne to learn more about proper dental hygiene.

As per some Steel Bite Pro reviews you can teach your children how to appropriately brush their teeth several times each day. Make it a fun game so they find it fun. Another option is to read to them. Find a good book that is about proper brushing, flossing, and dental visits. Check out this site where the importance of regular dental visits are explained more. Good hygiene now will be something that is important for the rest of their life, so make it fun now since they are preoccupied with their teeth anyway. If any of your family members is considering invisalign to straighten their teeth, you might want to Check This Out.

Other Fun Celebration Ideas

There are a variety of other fun celebration ideas you can use for your children, a trusted periodontist Daytona Beach suggests that if you teach your child about the tooth fairy, think about what you want to leave under their pillow. Many parents leave quarters, dollars, or even exciting coins from across the world. It doesn’t have to be money either. Small gifts that your child will appreciate also are great items to use when replacing their lost tooth. Really want to make your kids think the Tooth Fairy came? Add a little glitter (fairy dust) under their pillow. Their eyes will be huge in the morning.

Afraid that the tooth will get lost under the pillow? Let your kids make a special tooth fairy pouch. They can use cloth to make a pouch or they can decorate a special envelope to contain that special tooth once it falls out. This is a fun way to prepare kids for losing their tooth so it seems like something exciting instead of something scary, read more about the importance of a good oral health.

If your child is having a hard time eating and the tooth feels a bit painful, make it a bit easier for them by taking them to Dentistry At Its Finest as they might need a tooth extraction, visit to read more. Have a soft foods party with them and spend time talking to them about any fears they have. On the other hand, sometimes something a bit crunchy can be used to finally get that tooth to fall out. However, it is still better for a children’s dental care specialist to check your kid’s teeth and get the best advice about tooth extractions.

Your child is growing up, and this is a time to celebrate. Whether you use the tooth fairy or some other method of celebrate, make sure you make it fun so kids will relax instead of being uptight about losing their first tooth.

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