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Show Your Kids You Love Them This Valentine’s Day

It's very easy to make Valentine's Day all about couples, but this really is a holiday to celebrate all kinds of love, including the love that you have for your children. Here are a few ideas.

young boy with roseIt’s very easy to make Valentine’s Day all about couples, but this really is a holiday to celebrate all kinds of love, including the love that you have for your children. This year you may want to take some time to make this day a very special one for your kids. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money doing it either. Of course, sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas that will share your love and appreciation for your kids. Here is a look at some special and simple ways that you can show your kids you love them this Valentine’s Day.

Picture This

If you want to show your kids how much you love them, one special thing you can do is to create a special picture of each of your children. Find a favorite picture and get it printed out. Use the picture in a photo card or use some heavy paper, fold it into a card, and then glue the picture to the front. On the inside of the card, take time to write something special to your child. Let them know why they are so special to you and how much you love them. This is easy to do, it doesn’t cost much, and it is sure to communicate your love to your children on Valentine’s Day.

The Treasure Box

Another great idea for Valentine’s Day and your children is to create a special treasure box for them. This doesn’t have to include candy either. While many people equate this holiday with candy, don’t go overboard with the candy. Fill up the treasure box with little things that your kids like. Include things like notepads, pens, pencils, erasers, special stickers, and perhaps a couple pieces of a favorite type of candy they may enjoy. Just avoid making the focus on sweets to keep things healthy.

Valentine’s Day Themed Family Dinner

There is nothing like sharing a dinner together with the family, so this Valentines Day show your kids you love them this Valentines Day with a special themed dinner with the whole family. Make everything about the day. Come up with a meal that they will enjoy. Consider making mini heart shaped pizzas or other items in heart shapes. Cookies and brownies in the shapes of hearts make wonderful desserts in the Valentine’s theme as well. After dinner, spend some time together watching a great movie as a family or enjoying a game that the whole family enjoys.

Date Nights with Mommy and Daddy

Date nights with mommy and daddy make wonderful ways to show your love around Valentine’s Day. Although you probably won’t be able to do this all in one day, take the week before the big day and plan special dates with your kids. Plan it so each of the kids get a special date night with mom and a special date night with dad. Take your child out and do something special. Enjoy dinner, go bowling, see a movie, and enjoy time together. This one on one time really makes them feel special and loved. When you have your date, surprise them with a little Valentine’s Day card too.

Teach Kids a Bit of Valentine’s History

There is actually quite a bit of history behind Valentine’s Day that most people do not know about. The holiday is actually one that was for St. Valentine. When the Claudius II, the emperor decided to outlaw marriage in order to make his military strong, Valentine continued marrying people in secret. Valentine was captured and put in jail, but according to the legend he would communicate to those outside with messages on papers, that became known as Valentine’s. Later this would become a holiday to celebrate his commitment to real love and marriage. Cupid is another historical gentlemen in history that comes from Roman Mythology that you may want to teach your children about. Teaching them a bit of the history surrounding the holiday can be fun, and you can even come up with some craft ideas to go along with the history that you can enjoy together.

There are so many ways that you can show your love to your children on Valentine’s Da. Remember, this day is all about love, including the love you have for your children. You don’t have to spend a lot, but you can come up with wonderful ways to celebrate the day so that they feel loved.


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