New Years Games and Activities for Kids

There are many New Years games and activities for kids. Here are some New Year games and activities that children will thoroughly enjoy.

There are many New Years games and activities for kids. While it is true that New Year Day marks the first official day in the calendar year, it is traditionally upheld as a holiday. This holds true for nearly every single country throughout the world. Individuals enjoy gathering together to remember times that occurred in the past, and sharing their hopes and aspirations for the future. Individuals that are considered to be Chinese, Roman, Jewish, Mohammedan, and Egyptian celebrate their New Year on a date other than January 1st. Here are some New Year games and activities that children will thoroughly enjoy.

The Resolution Guessing Game

One of the most exciting and fun New Years games and activities for kids is the “Resolution Guessing Game”. Each child that is playing the game must come up with three different New Year’s Resolutions. If the child is too young to write out their resolution, get an adult to assist them. The papers that the children used to write the resolutions should be collected and mixed in a container. You should pull out one piece at a time and read the resolutions on each piece. You should mark them out as you call them like “Number One” and so on. Each person must write on their paper who they think made the resolutions. An adult may help children who are unable to write well. At the end of the game, whoever made the most guesses wins.

You can also buy the best dart board and put in the living room, so the whole family can play together and spend the time having fun, this game creates great bonds.

Guess the Month

One of the games that kids really like to play when it comes to the New Year holiday is called the “Guess the Month” game. In this game, you will review the stories that made the news from the previous year and determine which month that they occurred in. You will then present the news stories and ask everyone which month they believe the story happened in. At the end of the game, you will need to tally up the responses and whoever has the highest number of correct answers wins the game.

This Day in History

Children love learning facts and figures pertaining to historical events. You may create a game called “This Day in History”. You may use the website History.Com to learn about important events that took place on certain days throughout the year, but it is best to focus on New Year’s Day. You will want the children that are playing this particular game to be introduced to certain events in history. They will then need to decide if the event took place on January 1st or if it did not take place on that day. For example, you could call out “The Boston Tea Party”. This did not take place on January 1st, but it took place on December 16th. Those that answer “No” get it right, and those that answer “yes” get it wrong. At the end of the game, the child with the most correct responses gets a prize.


There are many different prizes that you may issue to children that participate in New Years games and activities. You may choose to create little bags of treats that include cookies, candies, and even gum or you may go with providing the children with card games, small board games, and puzzles. Many adults like to round up an assortment of small toys that they can use to provide a child that wins in activities with. One of the greatest places to acquire gift prizes, games, and even candies at is Oriental Trading Post. This retailer specializes in seasonal items and had many different New Years gifts. In addition to this, there are toy chests, and other assorted items that make wonderful prizes for New Years games and activities for kids.

Fun Fun Fun

As you can see, there are many New Years games and activities for kids. All you have to do is consider the age group that will be playing the games and the location that you have to play the games at. Combine these elements with a little imagination, and you will be able to create a large number of games that can be played in order to celebrate and educate children on the significance of New Years Day. There are also many activities that you may encourage children to participate in that have a New Year’s theme. These include educational crossword puzzles for kids, creating books of events that took place in the previous year, and even coloring pages!


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