May – Fun and Wacky Holidays

Holidays in May
There are many wacky and Fun May Holidays from Batman Day to Pizza Party Day. Here is a list of the not so well known holidays that will make May fun.

Fun May Holidays

 The biggest holiday is May is Mother’s Day. The actual dates of Mother’s Day vary from year to year. It always falls on the second Sunday of May. For 2017 Mother’s Day is on May 14.

May 1 – Batman Day. Celebrating by watching the movies and having a Batman themed party. And you can get your family picture taken in costume!

May 2 – Baby Day. This is a great holiday to celebrate the new baby in the family.

May 2 – Brother and Sisters Day. Time to stop sibling rivalry and help families with brothers and sisters get along and show how special they are.

May 4 – Star Wars Day. For fans of Star Wars, you have a day to enjoy, dress up as your favorite Star Wars character. Watch a movie marathon of Star Wars movies. There are so many Star Wars movies out, you’d probably have to make this a two-day celebration to see all.

May 5 – Space Day. This is a great way to follow Star Wars Day and continue with the movie marathon. Other ideas to celebrate are to go to a space museum, watch space documentaries, or attend or create a special event honoring all things space.

May 6 – Free Comic Book Day. Believe it or not, this day is often celebrated at comic book stores or even books stores where they give out free comic books. It’s a great way to start a hobby of collecting comic books.

May 9 – Lost Sock Memorial Day. Who hasn’t lost socks? Everyone has an unmated sock or two in their dresser drawers. Where did those socks go? How about a day to clean out the sock drawer and toss those unmated socks? Or make crafts such as sock puppets or sock dolls out of them. They may great pet toys too!

May 9 – National Teachers Day. The school year is almost over. This is a great time to make that gift for your childs special teacher and say thank you for all they do.

May 10 – Clean Up Your Room Day. But how can this be a fun holiday, you ask? How about seeing how many items you can place in the trash, the person with the most wins. Or make it an official spring cleaning day.

May 11 – Eat What You Want Day. Have fun with this. Let the children decide what to serve for the meals and enjoy eating their favorite foods.

May 12 – Limerick Day. You know, it is poetry at its finest. Teach the children how to write and read fun limericks.

May 13 – Frog Jumping Day. Have you ever jumped like a frog? Talk about getting a good dose of exercise! Take the kids out and have frog jumping contests to see who can jump the farthest.

May 13 – Leprechaun Day. You don’t have to be Irish to appreciate Leprechauns? Let your childs imagination fly, read some stories about them, color some pictures or just have fun imagining following that rainbow to a pot of gold and finding a Leprechaun at the other end with your son or daughter!

May 14 – Dance Like a Chicken Day. Time for some wild an wacky fun with your kids What’s with all the physical exercises? Fun holidays can include dancing and why not dance like a chicken. Teach the children the chicken dance song.

May 15 – Chocolate Chip Day. What better thing to do today than bake batches of fresh hot chocolate chip cookies. Or make chocolate chip ice cream. Kids love chocolate chips and the dessert ideas are endless with this delectable food.

May 17 – Pack Rat Day. Celebrate the pack rats in the family. Enjoy a show and tell moment allowing them to show off their pack rat items.

May 18 – No Dirty Dishes Day. How else can you celebrate this day but by using nothing but disposable plates, bowls, cups, and flatware. Eat and throw away instead of washing.

May 19 –  Pizza Party Day. Of all the fun May Holidays this is the most delicious! Dominos? Pizza Hut? Papa Johns? Or maybe make your own pizzas with your kids! Be creative. Children will love this day. Have a pizza making party and see what yummy combinations you can come up with and enjoy eating.

May 20 – Be a Millionaire Day. This may be a day of big dreams. Plan the future and discuss what you’ll do when you’re a millionaire.

May 21 – Talk Like Yoda Day. Talk about a proper lesson in English and then see how long you can go through the day talking like Yoda, of Star Wars.

May 22 – Buy a Musical Instrument Day. The world needs more music. Save up and make a big purchase such as a piano, or buy something simple like a recorder. And don’t forget the lessons and concerts you can have with the new instruments.

May 24 – Scavenger Hunt Day. Plan a scavenger hunt party. Kids love to play hide and seek and finding items for prizes is even more fun, or even play other games.

May 25 – Sing Out Day. That’s right, sing and sing as loud as you can. Let the kids put on a singing concert for the family. Gather around the piano and belt out tunes together.

May 28 –  Hamburger Day. Children love it when we cook out and make a fun picnic meal. Grill burgers and celebrate the national Hamburger Day.

May 29 – Memorial Day. Teaching kids about Memorial Day is very important. As parents we can teach kids about self sacrifice and service to our Country. We can also show our children why it is important to honor our troops and the men and women in uniform.

May 31 – Macaroon Day. Yes, even the yummy macaroon cookie has a holiday. Make homemade macaroons and enjoy this tasty coconut treat.

Fun and Wacky May Holidays

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