April – Fun and Wacky Holidays

Fun April Holidays

Fun April Holidays

Holidays always present excellent teaching opportunities as well as fun activities for children and the entire family. Below are some of April’s fun holidays.

April 1 – April Fools Day! This is always a fun day to perform practical jokes on people.

April 2 – Children’s Book Day. This is a great day to help instill reading. Go to the library together or all sit down for some quiet time away from electronics and read together.

April 3 – World Party Day. This day was first celebrated back in 1996 and since has been a way to bring family and friends together with fun food and celebrations. Make it part of a good cause, something to further the benefit of the world. Collect canned goods for charity, have a cultural theme and teach about a land far away.

April 4 – School Librarian Day. At schools or public libraries librarians have a quiet but very important job to helping our youth feed their inquiring minds. Make it a point to thank a librarian today!

April 5 – Read a road map day. I like this holiday because with smart phones and GPS maps are antiquated. It would be a fun project to acquire several road maps and teach the child the old-fashioned way of navigating through the world.

April 8 – Draw a picture of a bird day. This is on the weekend this year. It is a great time to get the whole family outside and enjoy nature and all the creatures around.

April 10 – Siblings day. What a fantastic way to celebrate brothers and sisters than with a siblings day. Make it a special occasion and have each child tell their siblings something nice.

April 12 – Grilled Cheese Day.  What else can you do on this day except make a meal with grilled cheese sandwiches as the main course!

April 13 – Scrabble Day. I bet you didn’t know the favored board game had its own day! Pull out the game and enjoy a fun time with older children. Let younger children pair up and help!

April 14 – Reach as High as You Can Day and Look Up the Sky Day – These two holidays seem to go very well together, don’t you think? Go outside and look up. Teach about the sky, the clouds, and don’t forget the night sky. See how high you can jump!

April 16 – Wear Pajamas Day. While children may not work, it would be fun to plan a pajama party and if possible, lounge in the PJ’s all day. You can buy Two-piece Pajama Sets for your family for this day.

April 16 – Easter Sunday. Easter shares a holiday with wear Pajamas Day and Eggs Benedict day. Why not celebrate all three together! While it may be a fun day it is also an important day and here are some ideas for explaining the meaning of Easter to Kids

April 17 – Haiku Poetry Day.  Haiku poetry is always a challenge for me, but a fun one. Teach children how to write and read these fun little poems.

April 20 – Look Alike Day. This is a fun holiday for children. Have them pick another home member to look like, let them wear mom or dad or older sibling’s clothing.

April 22 – Jelly Bean Day. This is a no-brainer. Have a guess the jelly bean flavor contest.

April 24 – Poem in Your Pocket Day. A cute day. Write sweet poems and place it in the pockets. Children get a kick out of reading poems they’ve found in their pockets. Help them write one too!

April 26 – Pretzel Day. Oh yum! There is so much you can do with pretzels. Have a pretzel party and dip in chocolate, make a savory dip, decorate and eat pretzels.

April 27 – Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day. If possible, this is a big treat for children, to go to work with mom or dad!

April 28 – Astronomy Day. Do you have a telescope? Can you borrow one? What a fun evening to show the kids the awesome night sky (if it’s not raining). Teach them about the stars and planets.

April 29 – Greenery Day. This is a Japanese holiday and a time to commune and enjoy nature. As a family think about what you can do together to help protect our planet. Here are some green living tips for the entire family.

April 30 – Honesty Day. Honesty is a brilliant virtue and what better way to drive home this point than celebrating honesty as a holiday!

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