Ideas for a Disney Family Vacation

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A Disneyland family vacation can be dream come true for almost any child. Your kid will be running from one attraction to another, playing with Disney Characters and having the time of his life. A Disneyland vacation is fun for the parents too: there are plenty of restaurants and entertainment facilities for adults.

Now with the special Disneyland family vacation package it's easier than ever to take your kid to Disneyland. On the occasion of Disneyland 50 years anniversary, one child flies free and stays free for three days at Disneyland Resort Park.

How to Pick a Disneyland Family Vacation Package

Here are a few steps to make sure you choose the best Disneyland family vacation package:

* Check which airlines participate to the promotion.
* Check whether the special Kids Fly and Play Free program is available with your travel arrangements. Airlines that are part of Kids Fly Free Air Transportation have a logo in the left of the flight information.
* Choose either Everyone Plays for the Kid's Price or Kids Play Free special ticket, depending on which type of ticket suits your needs best. Everyone Plays for the Kid's price is the default selection. If you want to choose the Kids Play Free special ticket, you just have to select the Kids Free option.

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Disneyland Celebration Highlits

A Disneyland family vacation package during the 50th Disneyland celebration will open the gates to a magical adventure. Here are some of the main highlights you cannot miss during your family trip to Disneyland.

Space Mountain: Space Mountain is a classical Disneyland park attraction for both kids and adults. Leave the earth and fly through the Milky Way while you experience all the new effects of this wonderful attraction.

Remember… Dreams Come True: Admire the wonderful kaleidoscope of colors and amazing special effects that burst across the sky during a special fireworks spectacular on the occasion of Disneyland 50th anniversary.

Walt Disney's Parade of Dreams: Disneyland 50th anniversary includes a spectacular parade across Main Street, USA, with over 50 of the most popular Disney Characters, amazing performers, dazzling floats and incredible special effects.

A Disneyland family vacation is a great idea to offer your kids a lifetime adventure among their favorite Disney characters and create some wonderful memories. A trip to Disneyland or Disney world will give you the chance to travel back to your childhood years and re-discover the magic and adventure inside fairy-tale scenery. Our next article will highlight Disneyworld and Disneyland vacations. Stay tuned.

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