21 Best Parenting Websites

best parenting websites for moms
Google "parenting" and you get 76,600,000 hits. Which parenting websites have the information you need? Here are links to some of the best parenting websites out there.

by Kevin Heath CEO of More4kids


Top Websites for Parents

Parenting can be a tough job, and most of us parents are grateful for all the help and advice we can get. How lucky are we to have the internet as a parenting resource in addition to our friends, family, books, and other helps! But the internet can be a little overwhelming too. Google the word “Parenting” and you get 76,600,000 hits. Which websites have the information you need? Below are links to some of the best parenting websites out there. Here are our top picks. As we find or hear about more great ones we will add it to the list, so stop back. Now here is are the review:

List of Top Parenting Websites for Moms and Dads

  1. More4kids
    One of many parenting  websites, More4kids is chock-full of articles on any aspect of parenting you can think of and for any age. Whether you’re nursing an infant, potty-training a toddler, helping a third-grader with homework, or buying a cell phone for a teenager, this website has advice and ideas to help you out.
  2. Dr. Michele Borba

    Dr. Michele Borba dedicates her life to helping families and children. She specializes in educational psychology and is an advocate for children. Her site is an invaluable resource helping to preventBest 21 parenting websites - father and son laughing and simply enjoying time together bullying through encouraging empathy and resilience. Every parent needs to check out.

  3. Dr. Toy

    Need to buy a gift for a child? This website provides information and reviews on the best toys and educational products. It also offers tips on selecting and links to online toy stores.


    The parenting section of has a ton of resources for parents. You can learn about online safety, tips for teaching math to your child with the help from online math tutoring services, reading tips and a lot more. They also have different apps such as a Talmud app that can help you with Jewish Rabbinic texts. This is a great directory of resources every parent should bookmark.

  5. Family Education

    An all-encompassing website that covers all aspects of family life from pregnancy to babies, kids, and teens. A comprehensive section contains articles about education and sel curriculum lesson plans from grade level help to homeschooling. Other areas of interest include areas of family life, food with meal planning cooking tips, and advice from the experts.

  6. The National Parenting Center

    While there are many parenting websites this site has a little bit of everything – printables for the kids, recipes, parenting articles for all ages, a message board, and more. Find support and advice for all things parenting. Discover what products and services receive their prestigious seal of approval.

  7. Zero to Three

    This website focuses on babies and toddlers up to age three. Its parenting section includes articles on nutrition, brain development, child care, sleep, and more. Learn all you can about early development and how to be the best parent to our youngest family members.

  8. Family Doctor

    What ails you? The Family Doctor website is a blog-style site that covers most all things health and medical. Learn more about health conditions, prevention of illnesses and wellness.

  9. Kids Health

    This website is divided into three categories. For parents offering advice and help. For kids offering homework help and education. The teens section offers straight talk like teens like and advice.

  10. American Academy of Pediatrics

    The AAP website is a good go to if you have a question about your child’s health. They have articles about nutrition, fitness, general health, growth and development, and more. What better authority on children’s health than a board-certified pediatrician.

  11. Parents

    Your favorite parenting magazine also has a website with articles, recipes, craft ideas, and more. Find advice on fertility and pregnancy, baby, toddlers, and older children. Fun articles about holidays and food offer good tips and advice.

  12. is the mother of the parenting websites. It covers all stages of parenting. Here you will find information for expectent parents, babies, toddlers, tweens and teens.

  13. Parent Previews

    Where do you turn when it comes to entertainment for the family? Parent Previews has done the homework for you when it comes to movies. Check the website and find out if the movie is fit for children.

  14. Parents Television Council

    Not all television shows are created equal and more than not are not fit for children viewing. The Parents Television Council is a non-partisan education organization aimed to help parents raise their kids and make informed decisions when it comes to the entertainment their children watch. They offer means to get involved with their cause through their interactive website.

  15. Common Sense Media

    We all need help navigating the media choices available to our children today. These websites review movies, television shows, video games, and music to help us determine what is appropriate for our children. The website caters to parents, educators, and advocates.

  16. CSPN

    The College Savings Plans Network gives comprehensive information about the 529 savings plans. Saving for college for your children is wise to start early. Receive advice and reports when it comes to saving for the important education of your child’s future.

  17. Parenting Teens

    A simple website with advice about parenting older children through their teen years. Advice covers many topics teens and parents face today. While some of the articles are dated, the advice is timeless.

  18. Safe Teens

    Parenting teenagers brings a whole new set of issues and questions. Safe offers articles and advice on everything from communication and curfews to drug use and internet safety. Also available are parents’ guides for social media usage.

  19. National PTA

    The National PTA offers a parenting website aimed at parents of school aged children. Become and advocate and receive advice for schools and families. Also keep abreast of school news and events.

  20. NAEYC

    The National Association for the Education of Young Children is all about educating the young children. From the website after yo become a member you will have access to publications, and learn about their conferences and events. An area is designated just for families.

  21. Parents and Guardians NEA (

    The NEA stands for National Education Association. It’s not just an organization for teachers only. They extend a hand to parents and guardians offering partnerships and support. Articles help parents with school aged children regardless if they are homeschooled or in a public school, thanks to this website I was able to buy dry erase paint online from Writey

  22.  Bonus: The Step Family Foundation

    Being a part of a step family can be tough at times and The Step Family Foundation are here to help ease the process of struggling parents and children. The basis of the foundation are in using standard psychotherapy to help work through feelings. Coaches and counselors are key role players in helping the families blended with steps.

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Parenting FAQ

What is the most effective parenting style?

Many people believe authoritative parenting to be the most effective parenting style. Authoritative parenting emphasizes warmth, nurturing, improving social skills, and setting clear boundaries. It has has consistently been linked to positive outcomes for children.

What is the least effective parenting style?

Permissive parenting is one of the least effective parenting styles. It might seem appealing because it creates a friendly, laid-back atmosphere. However, it can lead to children lacking self-discipline and struggling with emotional regulation.

What is the number one rule of parenting?

The number one rule of parenting is actually three. LOVE, LIMIT and LET THEM BE. “Love” showers our kids with affection and support creates a nurturing environment where they feel secure and cherished. “Limit” helps our children understand boundaries and develop self-discipline. “Let them be” allows our kids to be themselves is crucial for their growth and self-discovery

parenting quotes to live by


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  • thanks for the list. i really like this one I found called Plugged In Parents. it has articles about everything family-centered, even movie reviews. You can even email the staff pediatric nurse with questions.

  • Great website for Dads of all ages! Gear, entertainment, cars, clothes, electronics, gadgets, articles on health, parenting, personal development, etc. Even has a great forum where you can discuss your topics of interest!

  • With so many resources out there it can be overwhelming finding the perfect parenting website…who has the time to surf? Thanks for breaking it down.

  • Hi, my name is Brie Holmes my Husband is Joe Holmes and we have 15 kids 10 girls and 5 boys. My kids are Khloe, Kodi, Keaton, Karliey, Kalista, Kendra, Klara, Kamryn, Karri, Koleton, Kamdyn, Kandace, Karson, Konnar, & Kacei. I recently visited your website and it is amazing I enjoy all the information. Thank you for having this website as a first resort for help, fun, and ideas.

  • This site offers inspiring and oftentimes humurous stories about parenting. It is open to posts from anyone as long as the content is up to standard. Be sure to bring your tissues as this one can cause a few tears to be shed!

  • Thanks for the list, its fantastic. I have used a few of these to share with my parenting forum, I hope you dont mind. Thanks again.

  • Wow, Stacey, what a great list of websites. Thanks for all your research. I know that homeschoolers, other parents, grandparents, teachers and others are constantly looking for books that will even change book haters into book lovers. I wanted to help with that. I’m Dr. Steve Fortosis and I’m a professional writer and editor. I developed an interest in child literacy. When I realized how many were searching for children’s books, I began researching thousands of children’s books. I chose several hundred of the very best and placed them on a website arranged by age group and story description. You can find some of the best children’s books on the site. It contains both secular and religious. The site address is if you care to check it out.

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  • Just when you feel you are ready to give up, this web site gives insight and hope to frustrated parents of strong-willed and disrespectful attitudes of siblings and family members. A happy family atmosphere is guaranteed within 30 days.

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  • Some of the most confident girls and young women we know at Parenting Ideas are those who invest time in others, whether that be volunteering, raising funds for those in need, or helping siblings when they need a hand. Not only do girls take more learning risks when they assist others, they develop a range of high-level traits such as tolerance, patience and acceptance. Encouraging them to think well beyond themselves and their own circle of friends is important when parenting girls.

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