Funny Baby Videos – Kids Laugh At The Funniest Things!

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Sometimes the simple things in life can be the most enjoyable. Check out this video I found. Who would have ever thought that ripping a piece of paper can entertain a baby so much? I laughed so hard when I saw this that I almost fell over myself. Kids laugh at the funniest things. You just have to find what it is. For my 1 year year old, he laughs when I juggle for him and bounce a ball off my head, or when I drop my juggling balls. I don't have to try too hard at that… Enjoy the video and happy Saturday…

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September 2
September 10

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September 2

Karen Bastille @ 9:35 pm #

What a sweetie!
Thank you for the laugh…because who can resist laughing along with a baby???

September 10

Geek Sisters @ 7:07 pm #


Your video was selected for the Funny Videos Carnival.

The current edition is up here.

Thanks for you contribution! Don't forget to link, spread, post, comment about this edition. Thanks again!

July 19

That is realy crazy my sister loved it

October 7

fatima @ 12:53 am #

soooooo sweeet and cute

October 20

jenny @ 3:11 am #

Very cute, very very very cute, yes i did have a hearty laugh along with this sweetie pie.

December 30

brianna @ 10:37 am #

hey that is so funny how can that baby laugh that long it got to very funny that baby is really funny i like that vido i laughed like is so funny.

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