Positive Parenting Techniques that Raise Positive Kids

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happy child with a positive attitideIt is an almost universal desire of parents to want their children to grow up in a happy and healthy environment. Most will spend plenty of time addressing how to help their kids feel loved and appreciated every single day. However, life seems to get in the way of these plans so many times, and parents find themselves spending most of their waking hours in survival mode instead of nurturing that quality time with the kids.
If you are a parent that is concerned that positive parenting techniques have not spent enough time in your home, you will undoubtedly be relieved to know that positive parenting is easier and more natural than it looks. With a few tips and reminders, you will be ready to relate to your kids with an attitude that will radiate the positive parenting philosophies that you are striving for.
How to Make your Kids Feel Good
A big part of positive parenting is helping your child to feel good about himself by nurturing his self-esteem without going overboard. It is important to realize that this does not come from catering to his every whim or showering him with insincere flattery, but by praising your child’s legitimate accomplishments.
Keep in mind that these accomplishments can be as simple as dressing himself or feeding the dog without being asked, depending on your child’s age and skill level. It also comes from using care when admonishing your child, and refraining from using demeaning or demoralizing words in your instruction. It is important to note that kids need to be allowed to do things on their own before you can praise them for the act, so don’t be afraid to let your child experience age-appropriate independence as often as possible.
Another part of positive parenting includes catching your kids in the act of obedience, compassion or courtesy. It is amazing how many times every day that a parent with say, “no” or “don’t” instead of “yes” and “do.” What happens when you pass by your child’s room, only to see him playing very nicely with baby sister? Many parents will tiptoe past the scene so they do not disrupt the harmony that is playing out inside. A better choice can be to stop and praise your child for showing kindness toward his sister and let him know how much you appreciate the fact that he takes his big brother responsibilities so seriously. This part of positive parenting can also encompass the rewards for the obvious behaviors as well, such as a trip to the ice cream parlor for bringing home a stellar report card.

Positive Parenting Techniques and Discipline

It is difficult to bring up any parenting advice without addressing the issue of  discipline. For many moms and dads, it is challenging to understand how discipline and setting boundaries and consequences can fit in with a positive parenting role. The truth is that consistent boundaries are an affirmative part of parenting, because they can offer a child security within his environment. Your child will quickly understand through your reinforcement of boundaries that the big people in his house are in charge and are taking steps to take care of him. Just because it is in the nature of a tot to test those boundaries, it is not an indication that there should not be any lines. Instead, it is an opportunity for a parent to gently enforce the rules and let the child know the expectations. Children who grow up with boundaries appreciate the fact that their parents cared enough to ensure that they were safe and sound at all times.
Parenting Children in a positive manner incorporates many aspects of the job of parents, with an ultimate goal of communicating to a child that he is loved and cared for. What better way to raise a child than with this knowledge in his heart.
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