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Parenting Tips for Raising an “Only” Child

Parenting an only child comes with many unique benefits and challenges. Here are some characteristics often found in the only child, and some parenting tips that you may find helpful.

Parents and Child enjoy time togetherThere are unique benefits and challenges to parenting an only child. While you have the ability to be more involved in your child’s life if you only have one child, finding the right balance with your child can be tough. An only child has a personality all their own, and as a parent, you need to learn to work with your child’s unique characteristics in a way that will help them develop into a successful and responsible adult. To help you better parent your only child, here is a look at some of the characteristics often found in the only child, as well as some effective parenting tips that you may find helpful.

Characteristics of an Only Child

An only child can have an interesting variety of characteristics. In many cases, an only child will display characteristics of an oldest child mixed with some youngest child characteristics as well. Often they are perfectionists; they have great organizational skills, and lofty goals for achievement. On the other hand, they may be carefree, funny, creative, and a bit self centered, much like a youngest child. It is this mixture of characteristics that can make raising your only child such a challenge.

Effective “Only” Child Parenting Tips

Now that you know a bit more about the characteristics that an only child often displays, you have information that can make you an even better parent. The more you understand your child, the better you can work with them to help them develop into a wonderful adult. The following are a few effective parenting tips for better behavior that will help you as you deal with your only child.

Tip #1 – Help Them Build Friendships with Others

One of the most important tips for raising an only child is to help them build friendships with others. Your child doesn’t have siblings to interact with, so you especially need to draw them out socially. There are many great ways that you can help socialize your child. Consider preschool for your child. Schedule some play dates. If they are older, get them involved in after-school activities. Focus on social skills with your child as well. Teach them to compromise, be considerate of others, and to share. These are important life lessons that you’ll need to focus on, since they won’t be learning them with siblings.

Tip #2 – Set Boundaries for Your Child

Another important tip to remember is to set boundaries for your child. An only child can be quite bossy and your child may even try dictating your actions. You have to start with good boundaries. Explain to your child how they are to behave and then let them know that some actions are not going to be tolerated. Boundaries are important. They make your child feel secure and let your child know that life will have boundaries once they are adults as well.

Tip #3 – Teach Them to Be Responsible

You also need to teach your only child to be responsible. It is very easy for parents to pamper an only child. Do not clean their room or avoid giving them chores. Give them age appropriate tasks to complete. This will teach them to be responsible, a life skill that will be important as they grow up.

Tip #4 – Avoid Being Critical

It is also important that you avoid being overly critical of your child. It can be quite easy for you and your spouse to criticize your child when they make a mistake. Discipline needs to be handled in a way that is loving and it should be a shared task. However, you do not want to make your child feel like you are ganging up on him and being critical. Mistakes will happen. While you will need to use discipline from time to time, make it constructive and avoid too much criticism, which can be discouraging to your child.

Tip #5 – Avoid Overindulging Your Child

Overindulgence is something you need to carefully avoid when raising an only child. Many parents make the mistake of purchasing many toys and other items for their child. This can make your child become even more demanding. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can’t buy things for your child from time to time. Just avoid going overboard and spoiling your child.

Tip #6 – Encourage Your Child to Be Independent

Another very important tip to remember as you raise your only child is encouraging them to be independent. It may seem easy to help your child with everything, but this will only make your child dependent upon you. While you will need to give them help when they need it, allow your child to make some mistakes so they learn. You do not want your child to grow up without a proper amount of independence.

Some children have grown up feeling lonely. This doesn’t have to be the case. You can bring up your child to be a confident and independent adult. By avoiding being overprotective and making sure your child has plenty of interaction with others, you can help them build the confidence they need as they grow older. Keep these tips in mind and use them as you raise your only child. You’ll give your child a happy childhood and ensure they go into adulthood prepared to meet the demands of the world around them.

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  • There are pros and cons to being an only child. I have four children and my oldest has a close friend that has no siblings. This friend gets full benefit of his parent’s attention – and they have done a wonderful job of raising him. They really have followed the six steps that you outlined. And sometimes I am jealous of all the one on one time that the family spends together.

    But I wouldn’t trade our noisy house where chaos is the norm for anything!

  • I loved this article very much. My parents raised me on this methodology. This resulted im me being a very responsible and independent person. Some people say that I am too independent.

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