Britney Spears Parenting Concerns

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In a recent article in the Daily Mail, questions have been raised about Britney Spears poor parenting skills. According to the article social service workers are investigating and are concerned about her childrens welfare. Miss Spears, recently seperated from her second husband, Kevin Federline, has been photographed at nightclubs and some very uncomprimising situations, one minus her underwear. There have been reports of her tripping with one of her sons falling head first only to have one of her body guards catch him. Another report of her driving with her son Sean Preston on her lap while not wearing a seatbelt and yet another report of one of her sons falling from a highchair and hitting his head while under the care of a nanny.

What can we make of this? I would love Miss to respond here at More4kids and tell us we have it all wrong. Stars are under more scrutiny than most of us but in this case one has to wonder? While no parent is perfect we all make sacrifices for our kids, some small and some big. I know I have changed my lifestyle and one of the hardest decisions my wife made was to quit her corporate life, stay home with our kids, and run More4kids, which specializes in personalized childrens gifts. While we do not make near as much as Julie would make working a corporate job, we make enough just to get by so she can stay home with our kids. It was her decision and I am very proud of my wife. I do not mention this to impress anyone, but to impress upon people the sacrifices we all make in our lives for our kids. Sure we may want to 'have fun' and buy expensive things, but we need to have our kids come first. When they are young they look up to us and it is up to us to set a good example for them. It is part of being a good parent, and while we are not perfect we try our best.

So what do others think? What sacrifies have you made for your kids? And what do you think about all the buzz as to Britney Spears ? What do you have? I hope all this media attention will help to be a wakeup call. Her children need her and I would hate to see a family broken up more than it is.

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