9 Dads Who Dominate at Parenting


There is nothing more precious than to see the men of our society, the dads, play an active role in parenting. Children develop good memories of their fathers through interaction and having fun.

The first dad is dancing in front of the mirror in the bathroom with his daughter, and has no clue that mom is video recording the scene. The expression on the little girl’s face is priceless as they dance and giggle and have fun with their dad. It’s apparently her birthday and she’s jamming with poppa. The dad is surprised when he discovers mom is recording the scene which shows he was in the moment with his little girl, having fun and not trying to make a good video. You can bet this girl will have cherished memories of this as she grows up.

The second video is a dad who’s holding his baby girl. She absolutely loves her daddy, and he has her trained to hug him at his snappy fingers.

Dad number three is using a vacuum cleaner on his daughter’s hair, helping her to look beautiful. He magically created a ponytail with the vacuum hose. I absolutely love this one!

Dad number four is delighting his distressed daughter with hand tricks, creating a smile and a “Good job” from her.

Dad number five is giving his baby boy kisses while the baby is sitting in his high chair. The laughter begins when the baby boy burps in dad’s face while he swooped down for a smooch.

As dad number six walks through the door as his toddler makes an excited gesture and runs to him. Dad swoops down for a big hug and the toddler turns at the last-minute leaving dad sitting there with his arms out.

Dad number seven plays with his son while gently pretending to push the boy onto the bed. The baby falls backwards as they play act.

Then there is dad number eight who helps his baby make raspberry noises, eliciting cute laughter.

Finally, two more dads (doesn’t that make it ten dads?) bring about smiles and laughter and cuteness. A video worth watching! These dads totally rock at parenting!

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Lori Ramsey

Lori Ramsey (LA Ramsey) was born in 1966 in Twenty-Nine Palms, California. She grew up in Arkansas where she lives with her husband and six children!! She took the Famous Writers Course in Fiction from 1993-1996. She started writing fiction in 1996 and began writing non-fiction in 2001.


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