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How To Get Kids To Behave Well

Getting Children to Behave as Well as They Do for the Supernanny is as Easy as Playing a Game

Can getting children to behave as well as they do for the supernanny be as as easy as playing a game. MaryLynne White thinks so and has created a game to help. While this article may be old we wanted to post it as the information it contains is still relevant today. Her blog and website for her game can be found a the bottom of this news article. Also check out her article on childrens reactions to parental control.  

(ContentDesk) August 11, 2005 — MaryLynne White, creator of the world’s first game called The Parent Survival Game teaches parents how to gain control over their children in less than a week.  Now, it’s possible to quickly motivate children so they want to behave better.  It’s never been easier.  Ms. White visited a family where the father was ready to pull his hair out in frustration.  He and his six-year-old son were constantly fighting and arguing with one another.  MaryLynne suggested they play a game she created to see if that would help.  When she called a week later to see how things wewre going, the father’s voice was calmer and happier.  His son’s daily temper tantrums had disappeared, along with the yelling and screaming.  Both parents were enjoying a calmer, more peaceful home. MaryLynne has combined scientific findings in brain research and child development principles to show parents how to change anger and chaos into peace and harmony; showing them how take back control of their children using guerilla parenting techniques for the 21st century.  Through her work with families, children become more respectful, responsible, and fun to be around.  Everyone in the family wins!  “Children are different than they were ten years ago and parents are at a loss as to how to deal with them. 

Most parents use the same parenting techniques on their children they learned from their parents and they’re not working very effectively. Successful parenting today requires a paradigm shift.  Parents need to get ‘outside the box’, catching kids off guard and motivating them to change while having fun doing it.  We have so much more information and technology available to us today to help parents become confident and successful.”MaryLynne is a powerful presenter who is not scared to challenge the model of traditional parenting.  She also presents a strong, entertaining interview.  She will tell your audience:*How children are different today and why they don’t respond to “traditional” parenting techniques*How parents’ anger toward their children affects the child’s brain; which in turn affects the child’s behavior*What parents do that don’t work with getting their children to listen and behave*Why guerilla parenting tactics work better with children today*Three examples of guerilla parenting techniques that will ambush children into behaving correctly*Simple strategies to use in dealing with negative behaviors such as:

  1. Temper tantrums.
  2. Arguing
  3. Not picking up toys or clothes.

With so many parents feeling frustrated and stressed out by today’s children, MaryLynne brings a breath of fresh air; helping parents to see their children’s behaviors through new eyes, using new parenting techniques that completely catch children off guard, making it easier to get them to do what parents desire.  She provides a great interview with timely content and is not afraid to deal with controversial issues. 

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