Baby Colic Relief?

As many parents know, having a baby with colic is one of the most heartwrenching experiences there is. Nothing seemed to comfort them. All the normal techniques have little effect: music, baths, motion, swaddling, and gas drops for babies.

I don’t know if our son could be classified as having colic, but I would say he was definitely on the boarder of having colic. As many parents know, having a child with colic is one of the most heartwrenching experiences there is. Nothing seemed to comfort our little Tristan. We tried all the normal techniques, music, baths, motion, swaddling, and gas drops for babies. In talking with one parent she mentioned that she heard that strapping the child to a carseat and putting him on a dryer would help. She actually tried it and said that it worked for her! The vibration rocked the child to sleep. I was almost desperate enough to try that but somehow I resisted the temptation. I could not bring myself to try that, what if the child and carseat fell off? Then I heard about gripe water, but heard it was mainly available in Europe, so I asked my sister-in-law to pick some up for me. Before she did I was able to find some in the States, so I tried it. I was shocked, before I knew it, our 7 week old baby Tristan was calm and relaxed!! Every baby is different and what worked for us may not work for someone else, plus the ingredients in gripe water is a little different depending on the manufacturer. If nothing else has worked, you should check with your doctor or family medical practitioner to see if gripe water may be worth trying. I can’t emphasize that enough, but it is very important before introducing something new to your child, to check with your family doctor.

By the way, I think a good topic for one of our writers would be to do some more research on colic and different remedies. What do you think? Feel free to share your experiences at the bottom of this article. We just wanted to share what has worked for us. Kevin and Julie


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