Teaching Children Citizenship

By teaching children citizenship, you are instilling in them a high standard. You are also teaching them that it is an honor to be part of this nation, and that they have a large role in serving the nation.

patriotic children holding a flagWe live in the greatest country in the world, where anything is possible. Unfortunately many of us take it for granted, and many young adults don’t truely appreciate what they, what we have. That is why I believe an important part of parenting is teaching our children what it means to be a citizen, to apprecite what we have, and to realize how blessed we are to live in the United States of America.

Today we will look at several different areas of interest that should be focused on when teaching your child to be an ideal citizen of the United States of America. Your children should understand that when a person is a “citizen”, it means that they are a person who is protected and has rights of the government. It also indicates that they have certain roles and responsibilities that must be maintained in order to live, work, play, and be protected by that government which offers them rights and protections.

In the following steps, we will look at some very important facts that should be taught to your child. By teaching these facts, you are instilling in them a high standard when it comes to their citizenship. You are teaching them that it is an honor to be part of this nation, and that they have a large role in serving the nation. Consider integrating the following facts into your home based curriculum and/or family talk nights to instill a sense of citizenship in your child:

1. The first thing that you should teach your child in regards to citizenship is that we all have the responsibility of following the laws of our nation. You can explain that laws are simply “rules”. A law is defined as a document that is considered to be “legal” that contains many rules. Rules are defined as a guide that informs us of what types of behaviors are considered to be acceptable by the majority of individuals. The government of the United States is the organization that has the direct responsibility of the “authority” or “leadership” of the laws, as well as enforcing them. By explaining this to your child, they will be able to gain a good understanding of what laws are, and how they can follow them.

2. The next step to instilling a sense of citizenship in your child is to encourage honesty. By being born in the United States, a person is automatically deemed a “citizen” of the nation. By being honest to one another, as well as themselves, your child will develop in their ability to be patriotic. This means that they fully support and absolutely love their country. It also means that they are willing to sacrifice, if it becomes necessary for their country.

Children should be introduced to historical figures that ensured honesty in their transactions. Jimmy Carter is a good historical figure to bring into the lesson. This individual was awarded the “Nobel Peace Prize” for many things he did in his life. Examples include ensuring that elections in other nations were dealt with in a fair fashion, and tried to establish some degree of peace in the area of the Middle East.

3. The next way to instill a sense of citizenship in your child is to teach them that determination is essential. Determination, in this particular lesson, includes teaching them the value of taking responsibility for their actions and being responsible. It also includes working hard in everything that they do. Accountability is the process in which a person accepts that they are directly responsible for their actions – whether positive or negative. By encouraging accountability, you will be providing your child with a “job” that they can do in order to become a better citizen.

If you would like to include a historical person in your studies on determination. It should be someone they can relate to, and who they would look up to. For example, you may consider Helen Keller or Neill Armstrong. Helen Keller is a lady faced a large number of obstacles in her life, but her drive and determination set her apart as a woman of courage and of strength. Associating terms of citizenship to popular historical figures such as Keller or Neill Armstong can help your child better understand the concepts that you are trying to convey to them.

As you can see, when it comes to how to instill a sense of citizenship in your child, there are many unique strategies that you can use. The important thing, overall, is for your child to “connect” with the nation, and see that all people must associate in this manner to enjoy the luxuries and freedoms that we have. By sharing these important concepts with your child, you will be successful in doing this.

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  • this is a good example for teaching your child about the u.s citizentship. thank you for showing this for me and my child. i will try to look up more things about the u.s.a, for my child and me. do you have any more things like biogarphys,cultures,and civil war.

    lajeromeny & tyrus

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