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7 Tips For Responsible Teenagers

Parents always hope for the best when bringing a child into the world. Teaching responsibility is one of the big lessons parents need to teach their children. Here are a few tips to help teach your child responsibility...

Responsible teens are happy teensParents always hope for the best when bringing a child into the world. When my son was born and I held him for the first time, I could not stop the tears. I wanted my him to be happy and knew that I would do whatever I could for my child and that I would do anything to help him achieve and reach his lifes goals.

The first step in this quest is teaching our kids about responsibility. This starts the moment the child is able to understand and do simple things to the time they reache the teenage years.

Here are some things that will help teach the teens about responsibility.

  1. Doing one’s homework must always be finished before being allowed to watch television or play computer games This helps teach the child about time management given that this is something no one has control of.
  2. Some parents will not be able to prepare lunch and a snack before going to school. The best thing to do then will be to give allowance. These people should be taught not to spend everything so there may be enough to spend for a rainy day. 
  3. The teen will probably be invited by friends to go out especially during weekends. Before any trip is approved, the son or daughter should give some vital information like who else is going. 
  4. When a teen is at home, there may be time that someone will call. Being able to take the messages for those who are out is also something the person should do while living in the same house. 
  5. Most homeowners cannot afford a maid or someone to clean the house. Being responsible also means fixing up the room and doing some household chores. This place belongs to those who live there which is much different than staying for a few days in a hotel. 
  6. If the teen already has a student permit and decides to use the car, it is only right for the person to refill the gas that was used for the trip. Learning a little about automobile maintenance will come in handy so troubleshooting can be done. 
  7. The only time parents can spend time with the kids is during weekends. If the teen has plans, it is best to inform the folks at home a week or two in advance.

Teens need praise also and need to know you are proud of them. Make sure to praise your teen for a job well done or when everything instructed was completed. This doesn’t necessarily mean rewarding the person with something, but a simple pat in the back or thank you is more than enough and is a lot more meaningful.

There are other ways in which your teenager can learn about responsibility. Although they may not understand why mom or dad is pushy at certain times, this will only be realized later on that such values be very helpful in the future.

This can be used when the teenager finally starts a new family who also want use the same approach or something better to help in the child’s upbringing. Those who do not pay attention or take it seriously will likely have problems handling a relationship or holding a job.

In the end, mom or dad will not always be around to tell your growing teenager what to do in life. Even if they were, the choices, and the consequences, will fall on your teen. The soon your teenager learns the lessons of responsibility, the more prepared they will be in later life.

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