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Having a family comes with great responsibility. If you want to raise children with a well-rounded upbringing, then you must make time for the family. It’s very good to provide food, shelter, clothing, and transportation. But it requires more than that to make a family a good family. Times are busy. Parents work, kids are often in activities that keeps the schedule crowded, but you should make it a top priority to spend quality time with the family. A great way to do this is to incorporate a family night into your schedule.

How often to schedule family night really depends on the dynamics of your family. Ideally, it would be great to work it in weekly. But depending on what’s going on with the children’s activities, you may need to adjust that. Try for twice a month or even once a month if you must. Here are some awesome ideas for family night fun.

Board Games

Board games offer a time for children to flex the competitive muscles all while spending quality time with you. Depending on the ages of your children, you have a wide range of choices when it comes to board games. Try for the board game classics of Monopoly, Clue, Parcheesi, Aggravation, Trouble, and Scrabble. Newer board games come out all the time. Some board games make take hours to finish, like RISK or the trivia variety. Take the kids shopping and let them choose one game for family night. You can also visit this page for great choices.

Card Games

Cards are an all-time classic. A deck of cards can become so many games from go-fish to crazy 8 to rummy. UNO is a fun deck of cards and it’s good for whatever size of family you are. Give each kid a deck of cards and teach them how to play Solitaire. Play with actual cards because it’s different than playing a video card game. If they learn Solitaire, they will be able to entertain themselves when needed. And you should definitely buy an activity centre for your baby as they are just wonderful and help them so much in their learning.

Video Games

If you own a game system or computer, you could incorporate a video game playoff. Some game systems allow for up to four players at a time or take turns. This teaches children patience and teaches them how to cheer the others in a friendly game competition.

Charades and Drawing Games

This classic game doesn’t need any special props, just willing and able bodies. It’s fun to act out different movies. Try variations of charades such as drawing. Take a large tablet and start by drawing a shape and the others will guess at what’s on the tablet. See how few drawings (or shapes) it takes for the team to guess at the picture. Tic Tac Toe is a fun game to draw on a marker board, chalk board, or large tablet. Hang man will help teach children spelling skills.

Movie Night

It is good to have an audio visual room at home with the help of an AV labor services so you can have a place to have fun with the family. Watching TV isn’t always bad. While the television is a great distraction, it’s fun to have a movie night. Choose a family friendly movie on AWKNG TV, pop popcorn and enjoy a good laugh together. Let the children take turns choosing the movies. Once in a while load up the family and take them to an actual movie theater for a change of pace. If you live in an area with a drive-in, take them on an adventure. But you can also let your children experience watching movies like the way it is in cinema. How? It’s for you to click here for info



Who says you have to camp to start a campfire? You could go camping and that would be a fun adventure but for a family night of fun, just a campfire, some marshmallows, and hot dogs would do nicely. Build a campfire in your back yard, or go to a local camp ground and find a good picnic spot or even a camp site and build a campfire. Roast marshmallows and hot dogs and take turns telling stories. Nights like this that will make great memories for the entire family. Take a look at hoka one one canada website to find everything you need to enjoy camping with your family.

Star Gazing

Take the family on a clear night in an open field free of city lights and look up at the sky. Put a quilt on the ground and enjoy star gazing. If you own one, bring a telescope and teach the children about the constellations and stars and planets. Even if the moon is full, let them look through the telescope with wonder at the surface of the moon.

Cook Favorite Recipes

Every child should be taught how to cook. Let the children choose a recipe and the entire family can enjoy some kitchen time while creating culinary masterpieces. Or let the children take turns in cooking the family night dinner. (Or if time is an issue, choose a breakfast or lunch time if it’s more convenient.)

Kid Picks and Other Ideas

Every so often let the child have a turn at choosing the family night activity. Give them some good choices. See what’s going in the community. Enjoy an evening stroll through a well-lit park, take the kids window shopping at the local mall, visit family or friends, invite family or friends over for family fun night. The possibilities are endless. The most important thing is spending quality time with the family.

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