Parenting Tweens

Parenting your Pre-Teen

Parenting your preteen child requires just as much work and dedication as ever. It may be hard to believe sometimes, but the majority of pre-teens and early adolescents behave in a responsible manner. On the other hand, we all know that children at this age can also act irresponsibly and parenting them can be a challenge. And for that reason they do need constant supervision still...

Father and his sonDo you feel your preteen or tween needs much supervision? As surprising at it may sound, the majority of pre-teens and early adolescents behave in a responsible manner. They want to show you that they have an understanding of the rules and the common knowledge of right and wrong. On the other hand, we all know that they can also act irresponsibly. And for that reason they do need constant supervision still.

When your children are away from the home they are most often supervised. Most of the day they are at school where they are obviously watched by teachers and staff. If there are camps or afternoon organizations that they belong too then there is always adult supervision as well. Then the times when they are not supervised and out with friends are when they are most prone to getting into trouble.

Whether it is from peer pressure or the current mental state of excitement, there are times when your pre-teen child will forgot the rules on a spontaneous moment. For example, a friends of mine teenage son was told specifically not to leave the house when we were not home. One night we left for only an hour and came back early to find he walked 2 blocks down the road to his friends house. In another instance, another friends of mine daughter was caught making a huge mess in the basement with her other 12 year old friends, touching items that her Mother and I specifically told her not to touch. Kids will be kids.

As you can, although our young pre-teen children are becoming more and more independent each day that goes by, they still need supervision. The degree of supervision needed will vary, but obviously a ten year old will need more supervision than a twelve year old. A fourteen year old will need less watching over than the twelve year old, etc.

Whatever your children’s age may be, you should always know what they are doing and where they are at. It is your duty to set the rules and make sure that your child understands the guidelines of wherever they are at and whatever they are doing. Regardless if you are at home, working, socializing, or vacationing, your responsibility remains the same.

For example, if your child is having any sort of party, even with just a few friends, then you should be home, no excuses. There will be times when your pre-teen son or daughter will want to go to a party outside of the house to another friends house or elsewhere. It is your responsibility as parents to call and make sure that there will be other adults supervising them. Do not be afraid to take a strong hold with this rule. It can help maintain good order and keep your kids from getting into unnecessary trouble. Kids will be kids, and good parenting is a never ending task.



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