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Empowering Your Kids: Ways to Help With The BP Oil Spill

Instead of just allowing your kids to stand by and hear the bad news about the BP Oil Spill, maybe it is time that you allow your kids to get involved. Here are some ideas.

oil spillMore than likely you have heard a whole lot in the news lately about the oil spill that took place in the Gulf of Mexico. Chances are that your children have heard about it as well. This is the perfect time for you to teach your children about the importance of taking care of their environment. Most kids that hear about the BP oil spill are concerned about this problem. Instead of just allowing them to stand by and hear the bad news all the time, maybe it is time that you allow your kids to get involved. Sure, it is important that they learn as much as possible about this disaster, but giving kids a chance to do something about this problem teaches them about helping in a crisis as well as empowers them to feel that there is something that they are able to do to help out.

The great news is that even if you don’t even live near the areas that have been affected by this BP oil spill, you still can help out. You don’t have to be right there to take measures to help. Recent news reports are telling us that this spill is covering miles and the cost of cleanup will be in the billions. Still, there are small things that you and your kids can do to make a difference. When many parents and kids start helping, it will make a huge difference in the way this oil spill gets cleaned up.

Collect Items for the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary

You will find that the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary, which is in Indian Shores, is in need of some items. They need more cash than they do volunteers at this point, and there are some particular items that they need. You may want to encourage your kids to work on collecting items that are needed by this sanctuary. Perhaps organize a local drive at school or in your neighborhood to collect items need. Some of the items that Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary needs include paper towels, bottled water, toothbrushes, Gatorade, moving boxes, bleach, gas gift cards, shovels, trash bags that are heavy duty, and kennels of all sizes. You can find out more about what they need and how to get these items to the sanctuary by visiting their site at

Donate to the National Audubon Society

Another group that is working to help cleanup the spill, especially focusing on helping birds that are victims of this spill, is the National Audubon Society. They are not only help to clean up, but trying to preserve habitats that have been affected too. Kids and adults can help volunteer with this society by filling out their volunteer forms for more information. Even if you are too far away to volunteer, you can always help by donating. Maybe hold a bake sale or have your kids pool their allowances together to make a dontation to the Audubon society to help out, which you can do by going to their website at

Pet and Human Hair

Helping out with the oil spill that occurred in the Gulf may be as simple as donating some hair. When you groom your pet, save all that hair that you get. It can be used to help clean up the oil spill. Both pet hair and human hair can be used to help keep the spills contained. The way it works is that hair from dogs and humans will be combined together, then put into nylons, which makes booms that are very absorbent so the spill can be contained. Check with pet salons and hair salons in your area, since they may be sending hair to the area affected. Matter of Trust is one organization that is collecting hair and you can find out more about them and this program by visiting

Volunteering Opportunities

There are many volunteering opportunities out there, especially if you live near areas that are being affected by the BP oil spill. For those in Florida, there are many volunteer opportunities available and events that will require volunteers in this cleanup effort. is the place to go to find out about local opportunities. Many other organizations can use volunteers as well, so if you live in the area, check with local organizations to find out if there is a way that you and your kids can volunteer to help out with this crisis.

Another idea is start a fundraising effort. Have your kids contact their friends, and work with other parents, or your local schools, churches and organizations.

Think Outside the Box

Brainstorm with your child on other ideas to help. Sometimes kids can have the greatest ideas! Check out this 11 year old girl who is painting to help save the Golf –> Bird Lover, 11, Painting to Save the Gulf

The great thing is that a difference can be made if everyone works together to clean up this oil spill. It is a huge disaster and is threatening more of the Gulf and may spread further to affect even more areas. If there was ever a time to work together, it is definitely now. Sure, the government is doing some work on this spill and BP has people working on the cleanup effort, but this is a big disaster that will take a lot of work and money to cleanup. Instead of sitting around hearing the gloomy news reports on the spill in the Gulf, why not take action. Let your kids learn more about taking action and helping when there is a problem. With all of these opportunities to help, you can get your kids involved, and when everyone is working together, a huge difference can be made.

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  • These are all awesome ideas for getting kids involved. Thanks for sharing. Was not sure what they were doing with the human and pet hair but that makes total sense now. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • poor animals i would love to help save the animals

  • I love animals and want to do all I can to help. These are great ideas, thanks. I’ll talk to my friends, family, and neighbors. I feel bad for all the poor animals. I really want to help.

  • Hey, you know what you can do to help clean up the oil spill!!! The workers can make a giant cylinder made out of cement around the broken pipe and then you raise it all around andout of the water and then seperate the oil and ocean water problem solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! “)

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