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Acne Skin Care For Your Teen

As soon as your child enters their teens, they may find uninvited guests on their face �acne. There are many causes for their formation, and identifying each one of them (or at least the few major ones) can help to avoid them and move a closer to having clear, healthy and glowing skin.

There can be nothing more devistating to a teen than having problems with acne. It can be a major blow to your childs self-esteem and confidence. As parents we may not feel it is a bit deal, but for a teen it can be a cause of major embarrasement and can effect how they interact socially. In my early teens I had a real bad time with acne and became more introverted because of that. Parents can help by understanding what your teen is going through, understanding some of the causes of acne and some treatments that will help your child. If your childs acne becomes a major concern you should contact your local health care professional or demotologist who can recommend more agressive treatments and therapies.  Below is a general overview of acne and some things that may help.

As soon as your child enters their [tag-tec]teens[/tag-tec], they may find uninvited guests on their face –acne. There are many causes for their formation, and identifying each one of them (or at least the few major ones) can help to avoid them and move closer to having clear, healthy and glowing skin.

1. Nutrition and diet – the major culprit in acne formation is the consumption of an oily and unhealthy diet that teenagers mostly follow. Living on hamburgers and ice cream is definitely not the ideal diet for a glowing skin care and can lead to acne. The skin will be healthy only if you have plenty of water, green leafy vegetables, fruits and very little fat in your diet. How many teenagers can say they follow such a regime?

2. Clean hair – very few know that acne skin care involves clean hair, especially if the hair is around the face, somewhere around the shoulder in length. The natural oils in your hair can touch the skin and become factors that cause acne – many stand that avoiding dirty hair helped treat skin fungus or other diseases by making sure other treatments are not being hindered. Hence, it is imperative that you use a mild shampoo to wash your head every day.

3. Do not pinch, rub or pick at the acne – the ground rule of acne skin care is to never irritate the acne. If you need to remove the pimples and other outbursts, go to a [tag-self]dermatologist[/tag-self] or reputed beauty salon where you can have them taken out with the help of steaming and deep cleansing of pores. Pinching, rubbing or any handling of the acne would result in infection, which in turn can cause scarring. Your teen may have a lot of problems with this one, but it is important to explain to them that while they may want to get rid of a pimple quickly, pinching them can cause long term scarring. As a teen no one really told this to me, at at 44 I still have scars from doing pinching and scatching my acne as a child.

4. Never use make-up and/or cosmetics on acne – the golden rule of acne skin care says to abstain from putting any makeup on the face when it is attacked by acne. This is because this aggravates the pimples and it can cause more harm than help. Stay without make-up for as long as it takes to remove the acne. Only after it is removed in totality, you should apply anything on the face, if at all.

5. Keep the skin totally clear and remove any makeup at night –cleanse your skin and allow it to breath at night, using amazon vitamin c serum. At the most you could use some under-eye cream. Other than that it is a serious no-no unless you want your skin acne-ridden forever.

Armed with the above acne skin care tips, you can help your teenager fight a better war against acne formation, and enjoy glowing skin while their peers battle [tag-ice]boils[/tag-ice] and [tag-self]pimples[/tag-self].



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