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Teen Jobs – Preparing Your Teen for a Job in a Struggling Economy

Teen Jobs - How do you help Prepare Your Teen for a Job in this Struggling Economy? Here are some ideas how you can help your teen prepare, find, and land a good job, even during tough times.


by Joy Burgess

If you have a teen in your home, at some point they probably will want to get a job. Of course, there are some things you are going to have to do to prepare them to go out there in the work force. Teens need good preparation for a job at home, great ideas for jobs, and tips for actually landing that job. You can help your teen to make the transition to a working teen, which is not always as easy as teens may think. It is even more difficult to land jobs in this struggling economy, which is something your teen needs to understand. Here is a closer look at how you can your teen can prepare, find, and land a good job, even during tough times.

Preparing Your Teen for Their First Job

The first step in the job process for you and your teen is to start preparing your teen for their first job. It’s not easy to step into employment from being a carefree teenager. However, you can make this a process that is smoother for them with some simple preparation.

Analyze Their Interest: One thing you can do to prepare your teen for a job is analyze the interest that they have. If they have some interests in a particular job, consider helping them find a volunteer position so that they can see what it is like. This also will give them a taste of keeping a schedule that balances school, work, homework, and family and friends.

Make Sure They are Responsible at Home: Another thing that you can do to make sure they are well prepared on the job is to make sure they are responsible at home. Ensure that your child is handling their responsibilities at home. If they are not able to keep up with home responsibilities, your teen probably is not ready to handle the responsibilities that come with balancing a job, school, and more.

Teach Them About Handling Money: This is the perfect time to teach your teen about handling money. If they are going to make money, you want them to handle it in a responsible manner. Consider helping them open a bank account, teach them the basics about keeping up a checkbook, and make sure they know about saving money and how important it is.

Great Job Ideas for Teens

Not sure what jobs are great for teens today? It’s a good idea to know what jobs are out there for teens. Here is a look at some great job ideas that your teen may be interest in.

Job Idea #1 – Babysitting: One idea for a teen job is babysitting. Many teens are at the age where they are responsible enough to watch younger children. They may be able to get a job with neighbors or other people you know. If babysitting in someone’s home isn’t an option you like, working at a daycare is another good option.

Job Idea #2 – Tutoring Younger Students: Is your teen interested in teaching and gifted in their studies? If so, tutoring younger students may be a great option. Check with your schools to see if they have a program that your teen can get involved in as a tutor.

Job Idea #3 – Zoo or Veterinarian Jobs: For teens that love animals, both zoo and veterinarian jobs are great options. Often the zoos will hire teens to help trainers with animals and veterinarian’s often need assistants that need little training.

Job Idea #4 – Hospital Job Opportunities: There are a variety of hospital job opportunities, which are great options for teens interested in the medical profession. Check with local hospitals to see what opportunities are available.

Job Idea #5 – Cashier Jobs: Many stores have cashier jobs available and are willing to hire teens.

Tips to help your Teen Landing their first Job

Even though your teen is young and probably doesn’t have much experience, there are things that they can do to help them land the job that they want. With the economy today and so many people out of work, the competition is tougher than ever. However, the following are some helpful tips that can help your teen to land the job they want.

Tip #1 – Start Out with a Good Resume: Yes, even teens applying for their first job need to have a resume. Since they don’t have job experience, extracurricular activities, volunteering, and awards can be put on the resume to show their dedication and dependability. References can come from teachers as well.

Tip #2 – Be Ready for the Job Interview: Your teen needs to be ready for the job interview as well. Drill your teen on common questions that are asked in interviews. Help them to relax and let them know they should just be themselves during the interview. Showing their personality, being respectful, and showing their commitment can help them land the job.

Tip #3 – Keep in Contact: After that interview, don’t let your teen just blow things off. If they really want that job, they need to contact the company. Have them call if they have not heard something after a couple days to say they are really interested in the job and ready to work. That contact may land them the job.

Although the economy is in a tough period, it still is possible for teens to find quality jobs. However, this will take some preparation. If you work to prepare your teen for the job, help them find a good job idea, and then give them the right tips for landing the job, this can be a good experience for both of you.

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