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Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

Wondering how you can make Valentines Day a special one for the kids this year? Here are some unique Valentine's Day ideas for kids that you can use to make it a wonderful time together as a family to celebrate the day.
Valentines Day is About Giving from the Heart
Teaching Kids Valentines Day is About Giving from the Heart

Valentine’s Day is a special holiday when we think about love. Although you may be planning something special for you and your spouse, make sure you include the kids in this special day as well.All kinds of love can be celebrated on this holiday – it doesn’t just have to be about romantic love and passion. Wondering how you can make this day a special one for the kids this year? Here are some unique Valentine’s Day ideas for kids that you can use to make it a wonderful time together as a family to celebrate the day.

Let Kids Make Valentine’s Surprises for Family Members

One great idea that you can use is to let the kids make Valentine’s Day surprises for family members. Maybe get them involved in making a special surprise for your spouse, their siblings, grandparents or other family members. Need some ideas?

–  Decorate Picture Frames and Include Photos of the Kids – A great project that makes a special surprise for a family member is to allow your kids to decorate picture frames and include photos of the kids in them. Take pictures of the kids together and have some printed out. Get plain photo frames and allow your kids to decorate them with ribbon, flowers, and more. Add in the pictures and they make a great gift for Valentine’s Day that they made all by themselves.

Valentine’s Day Wreaths – Another simple craft kids can make to surprise family members is a wreath for Valentine’s Day. All you need is some toilet paper rolls, a wire hanger, paint in pinks and reds, construction paper, scissors, glue, and tape. Put the toilet paper rolls on the hanger and use them to attach hearts of various sizes and colors until you fill up the entire wreath.

Decorated Votive Holders – A great craft that kids can make for someone special in the family is a decorated votive holder. You’ll need a plain glass votive holder, some candy conversation hearts, a glue gun, craft sealer, and some pink, red, or white votive candles. Attach the conversation hearts to the base of the votive holder with the glue gun. Apply some craft sealer over the hearts so they don’t go bad or fall apart. It’s best to put on several coats. Once dried, put the votive in and you’ll have a simple and beautiful Valentine’s day gift.

Make Valentine’s Cookies for Neighbors

It’s a great idea to let kids help others out for Valentine’s Day as well. One way that you can let the kids help out others is to allow them to bake cookies for the neighbors in your area. Of course, you don’t have to bake for the whole neighborhood, but baking for some of your neighbors is a great idea.

You may want to consider doing cutout cookies in various Valentine’s themed shapes. Let them cut out the dough, bake them, and then they can enjoy decorating them. You can frost the cookies in various colors of icing, such as in pink, red, or even blues. Have fun decorating with sprinkles or write the names of neighbors in candy or with more icing in a contrasting color.

Of course, cutouts aren’t the only option. Chocolate chip cookies are always a hit, kaiser buns, and even cookie bars make great options. Just let the kids get involved as you make them. Then allow them to help you take them to neighbors on Valentine’s Day. It may even be a good idea to let kids decorate boxes to put the cookies in.

Visit an Elderly Center and Adopt Someone for the Day

Another wonderful unique Valentine’s Day idea for the kids is to visit an elderly center and adopt someone to cheer up for the day. Check with a local center and find out from the staff if there is someone that is neglected that doesn’t have family that comes to see them on a regular basis. Then you can adopt that elderly person for the holiday.

Consider making Valentine’s, taking candy, cookies, and spending some time with them that day. If you do take in food, make sure you check with the staff to make sure that is okay and that they don’t have any dietary restrictions that need to be considered. This is a great way to teach your kids to focus on others. No doubt that person will enjoy the cheer that your children bring to them on Valentine’s Day.

Take Valentine’s to Kids in a Children’s Hospital

There are many kids who are suffering in a Children’s Hospital that could use some cheering up on this holiday. Teach your children compassion this Valentine’s Day by having them make and then take Valentine’s to kids who are in a Children’s Hospital. Just call ahead to make sure that this is allowed.

Get all the materials for your kids to make Valentine’s. You’ll need paper, pens, markers, crayons, and even embellishments if you really want to make them look pretty. Tell your kids to make them as cheerful as possible.

On Valentine’s Day, go visit the Children’s Hospital with your kids. Take the Valentine’s and give them out to the kids that are in the hospital. It’s a simple way that you and your kids can brighten the day of kids who are going through a lot. This allows you to teach your children the importance of giving to others.

These are all wonderful and unique ideas for the kids on Valentine’s Day. They’ll have a great time and they’ll learn about helping others, which is so important. With these ideas, it’s sure to be a great Valentine’s Day for the whole family.



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  • Great share, thank you! I get my kids to make flowers using colored tissue paper and give them out to the kids in the hospital 🙂

  • I’ve always thought that Valentine’s Day isn’t and shouldn’t be just for couples. Ultimately, it’s about love. Everyone is deserving of that. So it’s great to read your post about involving the kids.

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