Work at Home Moms – Finding Time for Yourself

One of the main faults that work at home moms tend to have is not taking out time for themselves. Here are some of my favorite tips for us work at home moms...

a work at home mom juggling her kids and work

by Joy Burgess

One of the main faults that work at home moms tend to have is not taking out time for themselves. If the last time you had time alone was in the bathroom for 2 minutes, and that was interrupted by the kids bugging you through the door, it’s time to change some things in your life. While the life of a work at home mom is always hectic, it’s important that you start finding some time for yourself. Although it’s often difficult to find the time, this is important and you’ll just have to make the time. It’s very easy to get busy with your job, the family, and your husband, and you suddenly realize that somewhere along the way you begin to lose a bit of yourself. So, it’s time you start changing things a bit and taking out a bit of time for you.

The Importance of “ME” Time for WAHMs
So, you may be wondering why having “me” time is so important. Well, remember what they say about oxygen masks on the airplane. Before you help anyone else out, get your own mask out. It’s the same way in life. If you are going to try to help others, you have to help out yourself first. You can’t be everything to your kids, your husband, and your job if you aren’t taking care of yourself. Many work at home moms spend time taking care of all the obligations except for the obligations that they have to themselves. In order to stay healthy physically and mentally, there are times when you need to take a “time out” and spend some time doing something you enjoy. Spending some time with yourself for a change.

Time Management Tips to Help You Make More Time for Yourself
Of course sometimes it can be difficult to find the time to take time out for yourself. Well, with the right time management and some organization, you can better manage your time so that you do have the time you need. Here are several great tips that will help you to make more time for yourself, even as a work at home mom.

– Tip #1 – Get Up Early – One great tip that can help you to find more time for yourself is to start getting up earlier. Try getting up before everyone else does. This can definitely be quite difficult, but it can allow you to have some quiet time yourself. When you get up an hour or so earlier before everyone else, you can make it your “me” time. Spend time reading, get in some exercise, enjoy some coffee. Just don’t try getting cleaning or work done at this time. Let it be time for yourself.

– Tip #2 – Plan Out Meals – Try planning out your meals ahead of time. Plan out a weeks worth of menus, visit the store once a week for everything you need, and you’ll find life is much easier. It will save you money and a whole lot of time. This will provide you with some extra time for yourself.

– Tip #3 – Don’t Clean as Much – Don’t clean as much. This is a time saving tip that will give you more time to yourself. Sure, cleaning is important but if you don’t have time to clean, you can just hire a professional for Pressure Washing Indianapolis IN. You don’t want to live in a disaster zone, but your home doesn’t have to be perfect. Start doing just a few cleaning tasks each day, and if you have a problem with any repair issues at home, just use something simple as a repair service for this, you can go to sites as find me a tradesman online to get the best service for any maintainace you need at home. 

– Tip #4 – Spend Time Preparing at Night – Start spending time at night preparing for the next day. Lay out clothes, get supplies ready, perhaps make lunches if you need to. This is a great way that you can avoid wasting so much time in the morning. You’ll be able to find more time to relax if you just prepare some things the night before.

Great Ideas for Your Time
So, once you begin to make some more time available for yourself, what are you going to do with that time? Well, since it is “your” time, you need to spend the time doing something that you really enjoy. Make sure it is something that will relax you, and don’t use it for an excuse to do chores. Perhaps spend some time watching a sappy movie, take a long hot bath with candles and music, or spend some time reading a good book or magazine. How much does a mummy makeover cost is also a common question for moms considering the procedure. Other ideas include taking a walk, enjoying a movie at the theater, going window shopping alone (have you new beautiful windows in Blooming mall? they were made by Visalia Window Installation specially for new luxury shops that opened last week! amazing! want to buy everything), going to have a manicure or pedicure done, or finding time for a favorite hobby.

Make Your Time a Priority Every Day
It is so important that you make your time a priority every day. This is not something that is just a luxury. Time for yourself is a priority that should be at the top of your list. No, you don’t have to have hours alone, but finding time every day that is specifically your time will help you out as a work at home mom. You’ll end up being a better mom, you’ll be more productive on the job, and you’ll even feel happier too. So, if you haven’t been taking time out for yourself, now is the time to start.

Joy Burgess is 28 year old wife and step mom, currently living in Arizona. Her family includes her husband, step son, step daughter, and dog, Chewy. Along with being a full time step mom, Joy also works full time as a writer and musician. Hobbies and interests include scrapbooking, gardening, playing the piano, cooking, and finding a few spare moments of quiet time alone. 

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