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A Simple Guide on Children’s Chores

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Kids Chores by Age

It is never too early to teach children how to do chores. Chores is a great way to help a child understand there’s work involved in being in a family and in maintaining the home. So many children are raised without having to lift a finger in helping with the daily chores, leaving the burden on the parents. You are doing your child a disservice if you do not assign chores to your children. These chores compound, in other words, you should expect your teenager to do the same chores they did as a toddler.

Below is a simple guide and not set in concrete. If your 5-year-old can help you load the dishwasher, then allow them to do bigger chores. Use your judgment on when to add chores.

For a more detailed guide here is an excellent article on Kids Chores that takes into account the child’s personality style and how to motivate them.

Chores For Toddler Years Ages 1-2

When the child first learns to walk, you need not hand them a chore chart and tell them to get to it. But a toddler has some understanding and teaching them good habits at the point will make the tasks easier later when you give them real chores. Mom or dad must help with a smaller child and at this point you are leading by example.

Pick up toys. When your toddler has finished playing and before they are too tired, you pick up the toys with them. Make it fun, make chores a game. Express the importance of picking up toys after each play session. “Look, mommy is picking up the blocks and placing in the bin. You help mommy pick up the blocks.”

Preschool Chores Ages 3-4

Certainly, a preschooler can pick up their toys. Make this a daily routine. Preschoolers can help with laundry. Teach them how to fold wash cloths or match socks. (A little learning in there as well!)

Give the preschooler a clean cloth and let them dust the lower tables. Or hand the child a duster. I haven’t met a child yet that doesn’t love playing with the feather duster!

5 Years and Up Chores

Assign chores like picking up the living room. Make sure the floor is ready for vacuuming. Fold blankets and laundry. Help put away clothing. Make the bed.

Kids Chores for 9 Years old and Older

Again, some of these can be done by younger children, but most of the time a 9-year-old can do the entire list of chores.

Laundry (sorting, washing, drying, folding and putting away)

Dishes (loading and unloading the dishwasher and / or hand washing dishes)

Sweep, mop, and vacuum floors

Weed the garden

Walk the dog

Clean out litter box

Scrub bathroom

Watering the garden

Raking the yard

Care for pets (bathing, brushing, feeding)

Teen Chores

All the chores above plus mowing, weed eating the yard.

Wash and vacuum the car.


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