Teen Fashion – Getting Ready for Spring

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teen fashion modelYour teen does not have to be a teen fashion model to look and feel great. All parents of teenagers know how important fashion is to them. Each teen has his or her own individual style. Some love to follow the latest trends, while others have a fashion sense all their own. Here are a few of the hottest fashion trends for teens this spring: 

Floral Prints

The femininity of floral prints is often seen in the spring. Large and mid-sized floral prints are all the rage for both teens and adults this season. Dresses are the most obvious place for them, but they can also be found on shirts, jackets, pants, and handbags.

Floral prints also provide a great way to introduce color without wearing it from head to toe. White or neutral backgrounds are unobtrusive, yet when you add some brightly colored flowers to them, it really makes them pop.

The Little White Dress
The little black dress is a perennial favorite, but one of this spring's most notable trends is the little white dress. Whether it's a simple A-line or a cute little crocheted number, the little white dress is versatile and easy to accessorize. You can also easily add some punch to it with some brightly colored jewelry and shoes.

White is also a hit for the prom, for both boys and girls. White dresses and tuxedos are quite elegant, and they can be accessorized with virtually any color. If all white is too intimidating for your teen, there are some nice black and white options for the prom.

Belts and accessories

Belts are a big deal this spring. Skinny belts are making a comeback in a big way, but big, thick belts are a favorite as well. Both are being paired with dresses to slim and draw attention to the waist.

Patent is popular in accessories, and belts are no exception. A shiny patent belt can add lots of interest to almost any outfit. You can find these belts in a variety of colors, not just black and white.

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics have been all over the runways this season. There, they leave little to the imagination. In real life, they are great for layering with solid pieces.

Sheer jackets or button-up shirts in vivid prints look great with coordinating solid-colored tank tops. Scarves are also a hit this spring, and there are lots of lovely sheer ones to choose from.

Lots of Silver

Finally, silver is one of the most popular colors of the season. There are plenty of ways that teens can incorporate it into their wardrobes. Jewelry is one of them, but not the only one.

Metallic fabrics are both trendy and elegant, and they can be found in everything from dresses to outerwear. Shoes and handbags are also great in silver, and they complement the season's neutral colors very well. Even belts and scarves in silver tones can add some shine to an ensemble.

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