Its never to late to start making goals or resolutions for your family. Goals are defined as ‘something that somebody wants to achieve’; resolutions are defined as ‘firmness of mind or purpose’. What is your family going to achieve in 2008?

By Ask Yiayia-Becky Kapsalis

Family at top of mountain - What will your family achieve in 2008?“The years teach me much the days never knew” Ralph Waldo Emerson

We are a goal oriented society. Especially, since, at this time of year we’re given second chances to start anew. Goals are different than resolutions. Goals are defined as ‘something that somebody wants to achieve’; resolutions are defined as ‘firmness of mind or purpose’. Ask yourself “what goals do we want to achieve as a family, this year?” Break the goals into four categories for individual and family: Physical, Spiritual, Family, and Financial.

As a family discuss individual and family goals. Write them down and check back every month to see the progress, check off those that have been accomplished and add new goals for those that are a work in progress.

Questions for:

PHYSICAL GOALS: (individual and family):

  • What is (my/our) greatest physical challenge?
  • What is (my/our) goal to overcome and achieve (it/them)?
  • When can (I/we) expect to have our goals accomplished?

SPIRITUAL GOALS: (individual and family):

  • What value do (I/we) consider to be goal worthy?
  • What plan of action will (I/we) take to achieve (my/our) value goal?
  • What value goals will (I/we) identify to make a difference in (my/our) life?

FAMILY GOALS: (individual and family):

  • What can (I/we) contribute to the well being of (my/our) family?
  • What goal can (I/we) set to ‘do no harm’ to (my/our) family?
  • What principles can (I/we) live by to ensure family connection?

FINANCIAL GOALS: (individual and family)

  • What are some of (my/our)’ wants’ goals?
  • How do (I/we) plan to fulfill (my/our) ‘wants’ goals?
  • How long can (I/we) be willing to wait/work for (my/our) ‘wants’ goals?

As stated, review your responses monthly (as a family) to see your progress. Achieved goals are lauded with additional monthly goals set while others are a work in progress recognizing effort as achievement.

Yiayia-Becky Kapsalis

Becky Kapsalis aka "Ask YiaYia"™ ACPI, CCP, CPTF Becky is a freelance writer and ACPI Certified Coach for Parents, Certified ‘Parent Talk’ System Facilitator Columnist, Speaker, Character Education Facilitator P.A.R.E.N.T. Development principles ™ Founder  

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