Parenting Tips for Responsible Kids

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helping out dad wash his carLearning responsibility as a child
Being a responsible adult may be hard for some people, possibly because they were never allowed to be a responsible child. Our goal as parents is to help teach our children what it means to be responible for our actions. It is our desire to show how learning as a child enables a child to grow up into a responsible adult.

It starts very early in life. Early in a child's life, starting at infancy it is a good time to start the process of becoming a responsible adult. When a child is done playing for example, show them how to pick up. Don't do it for them, but don't force them either. Make it fun, make it a game, but make it a routine so they don't have to think about it and it becomes a natural habit.

Learning by example Your child will learn by example by helping your child to learn to manage his or her behavior. This requires patience, understanding, love, and honest caring on your part. Remember, your children watch your every move, so your own behavior is a great teaching tool.

Teaching acceptable behavior
A child will show undesirable behavior at times in his or her growing up process. It is our responsibility as a parent to show them what is acceptable. When you discipline a child it is for them to learn acceptable behavior patterns. They also must learn that for every action there are consequences. And they can produce positive or negative results. When the results are positive, regarding the consequences. It can be rewarding.

Sometimes negative consequences are needed to help the child learn to change an inappropriate behavior. By letting a child choose how they respond to different situations, they will learn valuable lessons in what happens as a result of different choices. It is important to point out when using the consequence action it is vital for you to tell the child what is expected of him and then connect that to the consequence

Furthermore when you let your child know what is expected of him or her it creates a positive consequence. Conversely, when you tell or order a child not to do a particular action you're creating a negative consequence, and that makes it like a threat.

There are other types of consequences, you can use with your parenting skills such as:
Logical consequences and natural consequences.

Natural consequences
Another good teaching tools to let natural consequences teach the best action to take. In allowing natural consequences to take place, while not interfering in what happens you allow the incident or situation to teach the child. When a child is made aware of the consequence of any action, but is allowed to make his or her choice the child must then accept the results of the action and then experience becomes the teacher. If the child's health is not in danger or the safety of your child is not at stake you should allow your child to process through the natural course of consequence.

In most cases it will not take long for your child to learn the appropriate behavior and understand what it will take to correct his or her behavior. It is wise to remember that it is not always good, nor is it always appropriate to allow natural consequences to run their course. If the results would be too severe or a delay would make it take too long to be effective it would be wise to use another method of teaching appropriate behavior.

Utilizing natural consequences will go a long way toward teaching them to be responsible. And as a responsible adult, you have provided these tools and provided firm limits and choices concerning particular situations. Hence you as the adult need to accept the decisions made by your child and allow him or her to grow since these consequences help to develop a responsible child.

When you respect your child you will find he or she will be more respective to your rules and limits. When you take time to listen you are creating positive consequences. When all is said and done, to help a child become a responsible person you need to be respective, loving, firm, fair, and consistent thus helping them to make wise choices. Additionally remembering to always allow for discussion of rules and for consequences as this foster's positive results.

It is challenging
Helping your child become a responsible adult is challenging yet rewarding. Sometimes letting your child grow can be difficult, but by letting your child grow and learn to their full potential you will be creating a responsible adult. You will love what they will become. As they will develop into a responsible, respectful, loving human being. It is in your control to help shape your precious child's future.

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