Munky Man Hits The Internet

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Grab your kids, sit back and watch the first episode of Munky Bytes from Cascadia. You won't be disappointed. My friends from Canada, Tony DaMunk and Juli Ette produced and star in this zany new series of good news vignettes. Their new company, and internet site, is committed to enriching families and children and spreading joy through kindness and generosity.  I wish them luck on the launch of their new site and look forward to seeing more of them around the internet. To learn more visit  

Here is there first episode from Cascadia. Enjoy!

Due to your browsers settings you may have to click below on the picture twice to start the video.  



  p.s. my 5 year old son loves MunkyMan and has played this video 6 times!!

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October 7

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September 4

Jason Yarmuch @ 10:46 pm #

Congratulations Tony and Cathy on the launch of your website….looks great.

P.S. Seems to me that I have cross the path of the Munky Man before…..

Take care.

October 7

Geek Sisters @ 1:18 pm #


Carnival of Funny Videos is up here and your submission was selected!

Visit, comment, link back!

October 12

Mike White @ 12:09 pm #

Hey Tony Da Munk and Juli Ette, the site looks terrific!! Your video is funny, entertaining and educational. Just one question though, is 'YadaYada Day' going to be a statutory holiday? My friends in B.C. are curious.

Play Safe,

P.S. – Please say hi to Mondo!

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