Creatively Combining Housecleaning, Childcare and Parenting

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How did mom do it? Little Helping Cleaning the floorA parent, a wife, she did it all. It seemed when I was a kid my mother took care of us and cleaned the house usually without the benefit of any help whatsoever. She seemed to manage it all! Being a mother now I have so much more respect for my own mom! Today, families seem busier than ever and spending time cleaning the house can often be overwhelming. If you are a mom with children, and feel the strain of caring for them while trying to keep your home as clean as possible, here are some tips on how to creatively combine childcare and housecleaning at the same time.

There are two schools of thought: While some moms may suggest children are more important than cleaning the house; others would take the point of view that without being a neat freak, you can still keep your house modestly clean. Which brings us to our first tip: readjust your thinking about how perfect the house should look, and just concentrate on doing what you can, when you can. If the children are napping; take the time to dust each room. If you have toddlers; have them play in the playpen for about 15 minutes giving you ample time to vacuum.

One important tip is to try and not accomplish everything in one day; set up a schedule and give yourself 15-20 minutes each day to finish a particular chore. You will be surprised how much a difference this can make. After the children have gone to bed, use the time to wash the kitchen floor; or finish a load of laundry. On the weekends, ask your husband or children to help you.

It is never too early to start to have your kids help out, and start teaching responsibility. With young ones try giving them simple tasks; whether it’s asking the children to tidy their rooms, or having your husband take care of the children while you tend to the house. Our son started out by helping pick up toys, and putting cloths in the laundry basket. While it may not seem with young children to help out a lot, it teaches responsibility, helps to build self-esteem. Even kids need to feel needed and they can do something to help mommy and daddy, and even with what seems to be mudane tasks your parenting skills can come to play, and turn those mundane tasks into activities and lessons that will help build a stronger family.

So, while housecleaning is necessary, it doesn’t have to be perfected by any stretch of the imagination. What good is a clean house if you are totally exhausted by the end of the day? Just take it one day at a time; and limit your expectations.

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August 31

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September 4

Angela @ 11:56 pm #

I have preschooler twins and all I can say is: HA HA HA HA.

Some points:

1) A lot of kids don't nap
2) Amazing how a "little 15 minute chore" turns into 2 hours when you're interrupted every second
3) Having them help is great but keep in mind you'll have to do almost everything over (or clean up what gets broken) after little ones "help"…not really helping
4) Kids don't really like being trapped in a playpen just to watch you dust

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