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Christmas Kindness – Ideas to Show Christmas Love

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by Lori Ramsey – real life parenting with a mom with 6 kids

Ideas to Show Christmas Love

Young, old, big, or small, we can all make a difference and that is a wonderful things to teach our kids.

Christmas time brings out the altruistic nature in a lot of people. We want to show our love in different ways during the holidays more so than over any other time of year. This is especially helpful if you have friends or family who need extra tender loving care, such as shut-ins, the elderly, invalids, or those who are having a rough time. Showing extra love over Christmas will help teach children about the love and care of others. Here are a few good ideas in extending Christmas love through the holiday season.


A visit may sound too easy, but people, especially the elderly, really enjoy having visitors who will come and sit down and just talk with them. Take the time and spend a couple of hours visiting with someone who may not receive many visitors. Ask questions about their life and let them talk. Give them a hug.

Bring a Meal

Everyone appreciates having a home-cooked meal (or even take out) brought to them. Prepare a delicious meal and bring it to a shut-in or to a family in need. Take supper to a young family who works hard. Invite a family over for a meal. Any way you slice it, food is always a hit. People appreciate having a meal when they don’t have to cook it.

Be a Maid for a Day

Funds not available? You can always give of yourself and your children can help. Offer to clean the house of a friend or relative as a holiday gift. This teaches children the act of serving others as well as chore skills.

Movie and Popcorn

Bring a Christmas movie and popcorn to someone and enjoy the movie with them. Or invite them to your home for the viewing and refreshments.

Decorate for the Holidays 

You’ve decorated your home with a pretty tree and all the trimmings. Perhaps you know a person or a family less fortunate who can’t afford to do so. Load up the children and bring a tree and trimmings to someone less fortunate. Spend a day decorating the tree and their home. Bring a couple of inexpensive gifts to go under the tree, something for them to open on Christmas morning. Teach your children about the gift of Christmas through giving by helping to spread Christmas cheer with decorations.

Pay for the Next Person in Line

Even strangers can benefit from the spread of Christmas love.  Next time you have your kids with you in a line at a restaurant, or at a store, or even the gas stations, offer to pay for the person standing in line behind you. Say, “Merry Christmas” and offer a nice smile when you do. Pick out a person who appears to be struggling, driving a beat-up vehicle, wearing worn out clothing, someone who would appreciate the kind gesture.

Give Grocery Gift Cards

People in need would appreciate a gift card from the grocery store. Purchase the card and place it in a Christmas card and give the gift to someone who would benefit from groceries.

Make Handmade Christmas Cards

Making handmade cards is a fun project for children. Pick out families or individuals and make personalize Christmas cards. Deliver them by hand when possible or mail to those who don’t live near.

Personalized Handmade Coupons

Children have skills and talents. When money is tight spreading the Christmas love can work by giving coupons of things they can do for the person. It could be simple things like washing a load of dishes, helping to fold laundry, or bigger things like helping to paint a wall, wash or walk the dog or wash the car, babysit, etc.


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Lori Ramsey

Lori Ramsey (LA Ramsey) was born in 1966 in Twenty-Nine Palms, California. She grew up in Arkansas where she lives with her husband and six children!! She took the Famous Writers Course in Fiction from 1993-1996. She started writing fiction in 1996 and began writing non-fiction in 2001.

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