Teaching Responsibilty Through Role Modeling

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young boy doing his choresI am sure that you care about your son or daughter as much as I do, and that you may from time to time been have  been guilty of spoiling them. Unfortunately this practice is not a good way of empowering our kids. We need to help nurture their abilities, not take them away. And of course we do this out of love, but there comes a time when as parents we must learn to never do for their kids what they can do for themselves. The earlier one starts, the easier it will be.

It's tough at times, I know, but well worth it when you start thinking in terms of the future. For example, you must start instituting little chores around the house and other smaller responsibilities as soon as they are old enough. This well teach them to be respectful of their atmosphere and to start learning that life takes a little “maintenance” each day. Whatever you do don't start off by just giving your chores and expecting them to do it, then it will seem more like a chore! Teach through example, say things like 'lets put away the cloths' or 'lets pick up the toys'. Set a good example, make it fun for them and show them how important chores are. Before you know it they may just start helping out on their own.

As good way to teach about money is giving your kids an allowance for their chores. As they reach the age where they can actually work, then you must learn not to give them money every time they ask. Teach them how to earn for themselves. And if they are still too young for a then allow them to earn money at home from mowing the yard, doing daily chores around the house, or by extra activities on the weekends. When they want a new toy for example, have them help out with some of their allowance, this will help teach them the value of money.

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