Talking Tot and Mom Kicked off a Continental Express Airplane

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A mother and son got kicked off a plane after a flight attendent allegedly got annoyed at her son for saying 'bye bye plane'. Before kicking them off the flight attendented also allegedly wanted to drug the child with baby benedryl which the mom refused. I was totally shocked and outraged as a parent something like this would happen. Now I have almost heard everything. You can read the full story here.

How many of us have been on planes with screaming crying kids or babies? I have endured that many times but kids will be kids, and if this story is true this mom and son got kicked off not because the child was crying, yelling or screaming, but because the flight attendent was a bit annoyed! And to make matters worse the attendent is alleged to suggest that the mother drug her son with baby benedryl. Have we become a society in which the first answer is to drug our kids in order to control their behavior? I surely hope not. As parents we should all take note of this situation and express our displeasure that something like this would even happen. I have experienced far worse from adult talkative passengers on the many plane flights I have taken and will not be flying on an airline that has such insensitive flight attendents. That might be a little drastic, but I think Continental Airlines needs to investigate this situation ASAP, take appropriate action and compensate this mom and her son for the inconvenience and humiliation that this has caused.

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