Parenting Tip of the Day: Keeping the Toy Box from Getting Boring

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Here are a few ideas to keep your toy box from getting boring and not having to spend a fortune:

  • Every 3 or 4 months change the toy box and it will be like having all new toys! (This is my favorite!!)
  • When your child wants to buy a toy that you aren’t thrilled about have them make a list ~ why they want the toy and how it benefits them, this will help them see if they really do need or want the toy.
  • Use Rubbermaid tubs as your toy box, but instead of buying one buy three and put different toys in each one. Don’t be afraid to let the kids pick what they want in the toy aisle, if it’s a chore give them options “you can get this, that or this” instead of standing in the toy aisle waiting for a decision 
  • Find a local trading group and swap your kids outgrown toys for something more age appropriate; sometimes called toy co-ops. 
  • Subscribe to the area freecycle list and give away and get some pretty cool toys (and sometimes stuff for mom and dad too!)
  • Avoid having too many toys; they’ll get boring, broken, and lost faster than you can say “put your toys away”
  • Read product reviews before you go shopping; avoid toys that break easily (certain brands of dolls and action figures are notorious for arms and heads falling off) 
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