Carnival of Family Life – June 25th Edition

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For all our readers who have not experienced a blog carnival before you are in for a treat. Head on over to Everyday Disasters for the latest Carnival of Family Life. Once a week the carnival features some of the best family and parenting bloggers on the internet. It is a place fellow parents and caregivers share their experiences and wonderful stories. Christine, who hosted this weeks carnival did a fantastic job. There were over 60 entries posted. How she was able to post them all, read them and make comments on each one was truely amazing.

Being adopted myself, the article I loved the most and could relate to the most was from foreverparents entitled Finding out You are an Adoptee While her daughter knew she was adopted, she never knew there was a 'label' for a person being adopted. Labels can be very distructive or very positive. In this case it was positive, but it makes you think about some of the labels we were called as kids and makes me as a parent to avoid labels on my own kids.

Pass The Torch has some great Homeschool Tips and Advice. if you are a homeschooler, or especially new to homeschooling you shoudl check it out. New homeschoolers sometimes have a tendency to want their child to excel in every subject. This post points out that its ok not to. I would not want to put that type of pressure on my kids. Thanx for advising us to take a deep breath and relax.

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June 25

Joanne @ 7:09 pm #

Hi! I'm glad you liked my post in the Carnival of Family Life. My daughter has not given it much thought since we talked but the conversation was a shift in thinking for me. In adoption circles, I'm an "adoptive parent", but the conversation with her made me also see myself as a "parent of an adoptee". It was just one of those moments. :-)

I totally agree with your view on labels. As unschoolers, we don't label our children although my three children would have a slew of them if they were still in public school. I wrote something about it on my unschooling blog (which also participated in the group writing project at Pass The Tourch. (Yes, I'm all over! LOL) Here's the link:

I bookmarked your site and will subscribe to your feed as soon as I submit this comment. Thanks again!


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