Fun Summer Activities the Whole Family can Enjoy

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enjoying a family picnicAlthough you may not be able to afford a summer vacation this year, there are no-cost, fun summer activities for the whole family. Here are a few ideas.

Pick a tree in your back yard and lay down a blanket. Have some lemonade and cookies, and read the books you’ve checked out from the library. Take turns reading. Invite friends and their kids to join you. Make it a weekly event.

If your kids love pirates, make a treasure box with your kids. Have them scout around the back yard or beach for rocks or sea shells or any item they think would be cool to include. Have the kids make a treasure map and include some information on pirates found on the internet. Add some coins, and make a pirate’s flag with black fabric. Have the kids add their own symbols to it. Then the kids can bury it in the back yard or keep it on hand and add to it each year. 

Gardening is another no-cost fun summer activity for kids. Have your kids plant their own flower garden. Talk about each flower; how it grows, how much room it needs, and then give the kids a title, such as Director of Water Resource (this would be for one kid to oversee the watering of the plants); or Director of Roots and Shoots (this would be for another kid to oversee the weeding), etc. Also, give your kids some watermelon seeds to plant. You never know what may crop up.

With baseball season just starting, why not have your family start a scrapbook on a favorite sports team or even choose a rookie and follow his career. The scrapbook could contain photos with captions, newspaper clippings, and sports items you may already own. Make it a family tradition. Each member can contribute to the scrapbook. Perhaps mom and dad have some stories that they may want to include in the scrapbook as well.

No-cost, fun summer activities for the whole family can be achieved with a little imagination and a lot of creativity.  What are you planning on doing this summer? Click here to share your ideas.

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