What is Your Parenting Style?

Of the millions of parents in the world and each has their own different parenting style. Some of the major parenting styles include Indulgent, Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and finally Connection Parenting. What style are you? Here is a brief synopsis of each...

family relaxing togetherOf the millions of parents in the world and each has their own different parenting style. This is not surprising as it would be crazy to think that the vast amount of  parents in the world would all have the same method of parenting. And, while there are a multitude of differences, the categories of a different parenting style generally fall into four specific areas: Indulgent, Authoritarian, Authoritative, Permissive, and finally Connection Parenting. Connection Parenting is my style of parenting that I am working on, and I am hoping more parents will discover this wonderful style of parenting. Here is a description of some of the main parenting styles. Which one is yours?

The Indulgent Parents

Indulgent parents have a different parenting style that is at odds which what is considered the fabric of (mythic, but constantly media projected) American conventional parenting. Essentially, these types of parents are permissive in nature and have a tendency to be less-rule oriented than other parents. Think of Madonna and you get the general idea.

The Authoritarian Parents
This may be a different parenting style from other methods of raising children, but it is very similar to a dictatorial method of running a government. Maybe “Totalitarian Parents” would be a better description. Basically these parents are ultra strict and rule heavy, but not in a way that provides safety. Rather, this different parenting style opts to be stifling and constricting providing discipline for personal whim more than anything else.

The Authoritative Parents

This is a different parenting style that borrows heavily from both the Authoritarian and the Indulgent Parenting modules to provide a more balanced approach. Essentially, rules and regulations of behavior are enforced but not in such a many that they becomes restrictive (Authoritarian Parenting Module) nor is it so lax that any pretense of rules is reduced to a joke (Indulgent Parents Module). Consider this one a balancing parenting act.

The Uninvolved Parents

This different parenting style is almost a non-entity. It is parenting without actually parenting. It is a detached, ‘let them do what they want’ method of parenting that seeks to give the parents a way out of actually having to perform responsibilities rather than assertively assume the role of parenting, a role they can not or will not assume.

Connection Parenting

I am hoping more parents will hear about this parenting style. It stresses parenting through connection instead of coercion, love instead of fear. It is about meeting your child needs, once those needs are met it can be amazing how a childs behavior will change. It is not about permissiveness. Child’s needs are different from children’s wants and discipline is a part of connection parenting. The main difference is that you connnect with your child before you discipline your child. Connection parenting is about creating strong child parent relationships and about strong family relationships. It is about teaching behavior by modeling behavior. When children are young we are their first role models. As such we can be their best teachers. This wonderful parenting style is a style that encourages involved parents and encourages parents to find and treat the cause of a behavior instead of just trying to control that behavior.

There are no absolutes in live and parents who prescribe to the aforementioned different styles of parenting will do so at a level different from other parents who share the same style. That is, you may have two authoritarian parents and each has a varying level of exercising the severity of their authority.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but rather an overview to provide some clarity  to some of the different parenting styles.


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