Scrapbooking Ideas – Creating Graduation Memories

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creating a scapbook page of childs birthSoon, your children will either graduate from elementary school, middle school, high school, or college. What a proud and exciting time this will be. From birth to graduation, creating a scrapbook for your child is a gift your child will truely charish in the years to come and can be passed down from generation to generation. Unlike the old days when tons of pictures were taken to capture every moment, today you can use scrapbooking to chronicle the life of your child up to, and including, graduation. Here are scrapbooking ideas for graduation memories to last a lifetime.

Perhaps you have already begun a graduation scrapbook for your son or daughter. If so, you may have included pictures of your child from birth all the way up to the day of graduation. If scrapbooking is new to you, there are wonderful ways to capture this very important day.

Beginning with a picture of the graduate on the front cover, you can add the certificate of , the tassel with the year of graduation on it, pictures from , and pictures with friends and family members.  And to make it extra special, you can ask the graduate to write a brief synopsis of his or her thoughts on the event itself, what he or she has learned, hoped for, their future aspirations, and moments which have been special in his or her life.

It doesn’t matter what age, each child has the ability to express just about anything. Perhaps they would like to write about a teacher who inspired them, a specific moment or occasion they were most proud of or an overall view of what the best part about being a student in their particular school meant to them.

Remember when you graduated from high school or college? Certainly, you had special moments you’ll never forget. Well, scrapbooking is a way to relate those moments into tangible memories. Moreover, presenting a scrapbook of this kind to the graduate is a wonderful gift. As a parent, recording all of the moments in your child’s life along with pictures and comments is more than a precious gift – it is a lifetime of memories made just for them as seen through your eyes. Such truely special gifts will give your child a legacy, document their life, and may be passed down for generations to come.

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