Kids And Money – Have Your Child Earn It

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Part of parenting is teaching and helping our children build a strong value system. this little tyke really loves moneyMy 4 year old son, for example, loves the look and feel of money. He gets extremely excited when he is handling money of any kind. So we have started giving him chores to earn his money. Our hope is that he will begin to associate work and money and appreciate the value of money a little better. While his allowance may be small, he looks forward to doing his chores to get that dollar bill.
By their own accounts, work is good for young boys and girls. Here are a few benefits from having to earn their own money and meet the requirements of a work commitment or a job:

1. Your children will understand and learn an appreciation of the time that is required to earn money.

2. Your children will learn the appreciation of the importance of managing and saving .

3. Your children will form and understanding of how the world of work functions and what it takes to be successful in it.

4. Your children will learn an increased awareness of the importance of . For example, one young boy said that the best thing that ever happened to him was that he took a dead end job as a 16-year-old and that job caused him to want to move on and get a college education so that he would never have to work in a job like that again.

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