Parenting Tips For Raising Emotionally Healthy Kids

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self confident girl climbing ropeWe all want our children to be happy and grow up to be emotionally well-adjusted and successful. Perhaps that is one of our biggest parenting challenges. Being a successful parent means taking the time to understand what our kids need in order to be self confident, happy, and living a life of well-being. Here are six tips to help you raise your children to the top levels of their needs.

1. Hold your children, touch them, kiss them. Be physical with your kids. If they are loved by you then they will learn to love themselves. They will learn to feel good about their physical bodies, feel attractive, and live without guilt.

2. If you want your kids to be healthy, fit, attractive, and kind, then start living that way yourself. Show them that the two most important people in their lives, Mommy and Daddy, share a life of health good eating, and loving communication. Kids are proud to have attractive parents. They love you to feel beautiful, so adopt a lifestyle in which you treat your mind, body, and soul with health.

3. Open yourself to listening very attentively to your children. Be both attentive and honest with your kids at all times. By showing them that you have integrity and are respectful with honesty, then they will want to emulate that aspect of you. Also, show them that you are genuinely interested in them.

4. Get involved with the activities they are interested in. Whatever their age may be, start to enthusiastically play with them during these activities. Spend a few moments hand painting with them. Throw around the ball each afternoon. If you have teenagers then spend time talking about their interests. Get involved as much as possible.

5. Read books aloud with them at all ages of their life. The most precious item that you can ever give your kids is your time. If your child is younger, have them read their favorite stories to you. Also, share your stories with them. Share your adventures. Talk about what Mommy and Daddy was like when you first met. Giving this kind of attention to your children is a huge self-image booster for them

6. Be open and friendly about their friends by encouraging them to hang out at your house. Most parents are uptight, have too many rules, and do not allow other children to hang out at their houses. Show them that their friends are welcome and that you see them as important. If your children sees that you accept their choice of friends in the home then that sends a message of acceptance and trust of about their decisions. If you believe in them then they will believe in themselves.

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