Mommy Time – Why It Is So Important

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Mom and child spending time togetherWhy is mommy time so important? After all no one in this world should know us better than mom. There is a natual bond that takes place between mother and child. It is in her every touch, smile, hug, and word expressed from the time we are born. We look to mom for approval, guidance, and love. But it is in those special times, when it’s just mom and me time, that we look forward to and treasure. It is those times that create the lasting memories. Sometimes, good parenting is just being there for our child.

Whether or not you are a working mom, spending time with your child is important. It tell your child they are important and fun to be with. From infancy, your child depends upon you for everything; and as time passes, the nurture, care and love you have given becomes their focal point. They turn to you in times of need; seek your advice in times of doubt; and look to you for comfort when sad. Spending one on one time with your child is by far a time your child looks forward to. Whether a baby, toddler, teen or adult – your child needs you. It doesn’t matter if you simply sit on a big comfy chair and talk; or read a book together; or watch a favorite fairy tale on DVD – being with mom has enormous positive effects on kids. It is just you and your child; no interruptions; no siblings to take your attention away; just your child and you.

Studies have shown the positive effects of merely caressing a baby; smiling; rocking and holding. The feels safe; begins to sense your aura; your smell; your voice. Being held in your arms is all that matters. As the child grows, he or she runs to you if frightened; or for no other reason than simply to get a hug, a loving word, a smile. Children who are not comforted from birth become detached as they become older; feel abandoned; and more often than not seek other means to find love.

Spending time with your child is important to their growth and how they relate to others.
It is very simple really. A mother’s love is infinite. As a mom you know this to be true.
Therefore, there is no need to explain the importance of being with your child. Perhaps this poem says it all:
Just Mom and Me

There was never a time you weren’t there
Expressing your love, showing you care.
You laughed with me, cried with me, and wiped away the tears
From the moment I was born, and through the winter of my years.
Your smile gave me hope, and your touch made me know
That for all of my life
I’d have somewhere to go
To talk about the fear, the pain, and the strife
It was you, who understood,
And gave meaning to my life.
You knew what to say, and when words couldn’t come
You held me in your arms –
No more needed to be done.

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