Coloring Easter Eggs The Easy Way

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Coloring Easter Eggs is fun!!Coloring Easter eggs is a family tradition for us here at More4kids and it is a time almost all kids look forward to every year. However, it can be very messy, right? Well here are some ideas for Easter egg coloring made easy and inexpensive as well.

Now in the old days, you would buy an egg coloring kit which required you to use vinegar and dyes. Using a tablespoon to drop the eggs into cups; take them out again became a bit messy. The kit everyone seemed to use was the PAAS egg coloring kit.
Since then, PAAS has come out with new and quite exciting ways in which to color eggs. In fact, they now have holders for the eggs to make coloring them more efficient and user friendly. Although you can still buy these kits, there are other ways in which you can decorate Easter eggs without having to use any dye at all.

After the eggs are hard boiled, let them cool down a bit so you can handle them. Apply a bit of water to the egg; take some colored tissue paper; cut it in different shapes and apply it to the egg. You can turn an egg into a work of art with geometric shapes and strips.
Or, you can buy Easter stickers, and have the kids cover the eggs with those. No mess, no fuss!

However, if your kids insist on egg coloring, you can still opt for the PAAS kit. They have come out with incredibly new ideas to color and decorate Easter eggs, including tips on crafts; how to properly boil eggs. In fact, there is a new method to color hollowed out eggs on their site.

While some of you may prefer the old way of coloring Easter eggs, PAAS has incorporated into their kits holders for the eggs which is less messy, affordable, and fun.
If you prefer to color eggs in a more natural way, you can certainly choose that method as well. Let’s face it; as adults, coloring Easter eggs is just as enjoyable for us as it is for the kids. Whatever you choose, Easter egg coloring made easy can be enjoyed by the entire family. Have fun!

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