Hillary Clinton Today Proposes Expanding Health Care For Children

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Hillary Clinton and Rep. John Dingell today introduced the Childrens First Health Act. If passed. it will make health care for children more affordable and help plug the whole of some 9 million children in the US that do not have health insurance. Politically I have not made any decisions yet for president and I know health care is reform is widely debated. I look at this issue not only from a parent but also from a child who had chronic health issues, was hospitalized, and visited the emergency room many many times. To me its a crime so many parents in the U.S. have to skimp on their childrens health care because of rising costs or just not being able to pay for it. Our children are our future. I don't feel its a matter of whether we can afford it or not, its more of a matter that we can no longer afford not to.

Here is Hillary's video where she explains her proposal and justification for the Children's First Health Act. 

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