Parenting Toddlers Can Be Challenging And Entertaining

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toddler covered in paintWhen a child reaches the toddler stage they start to become a 'little person' with their own personality. As they develop in this stage they also start to exert their own independence. This can is a normal stage of development, but at time can make parenting a real challenge. First-time parents are very rarely prepared for a running and screaming toddler who can make a quick escape in a department store. And, no parent is prepared for the first time a toddler shears her curly locks or those of the family dog. Yes, parenting toddlers is a trying experience for even the most composed parents.

And yet, there is nothing quite as entertaining as parenting toddlers, because honestly parents never know quite what to expect. The first time that a toddler explains that the reason that he put applesauce in his hair was to clean his plate; the child’s mother will definitely be biting her lip to keep from laughing. No parent can resist an occasional giggle when their toddler does something that they didn’t expect.

Of course, parenting toddlers is challenging as well! Terrible twos became a popular description for a reason. Toddlers make parenting a very involving job because generally it is never a good idea to leave a two year old alone for more than a few minutes at a time. can be frightening for parents who have never experienced the joys of parenting toddlers; however for those with experience, the tantrums can actually be very funny. Naturally, those who no longer are parenting find the tantrums funnier than the actual parents.

Some Of The Things They Say

Toddlers make parenting through the infant stage worth it. Think of toddler-hood as the reward for all of those sleepless nights and endless diaper changes. And, think of how quickly this stage will pass. Toddlers are learning to communicate with the world around them, and most of the time they learn only through practice. For that reason, many parents find that this is one of the most entertaining times in a young child’s life.

Some toddlers will pick certain words or phrases that they use continuously, sort of like a favorite toy. They will try them out whenever they feel like it. This often results in toddlers offering very funny monologues to their parents. A good example would be the toddler who has learned the word ‘because’, and insists on starting every sentence with the word. Naturally, it will take some time for the toddler to realize that the rest of the world doesn’t speak that way. While the toddler is enjoying their new words, the parents get to enjoy the comical results.

Yes, parenting toddlers can be challenging, but they brighten our lives in so many ways, that is why we love them and would not give up the experience for anything else in the world.

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