Scrapbooking Ideas For Cherished Memories

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If you are a typical parent you may wonder what to do with all the artwork your child makes. It seems each one is a little milestone in your childs development. Family looking at scapbook togetherWell, the time has come to gather all of the artwork your kids made and devise a plan to incorporate all of them into one neat and compelling work of art. Here are some scrapbooking ideas for all that artwork your kids made for you. It will provide cherished memories for years to come.

If you can find a picture frame larges enough to accommodate the artwork, why not set up a collage and frame them proudly. You can also set up a portfolio of your child’s artwork by purchasing an artist’s book. In this way, the artwork will not become damaged over the years, and can be stored in a safe area in your home.

Another idea is to develop a theme scrapbook based upon your child’s artwork. You can organize the album alphabetically or by genre. Whichever you prefer, this will be a fun project for both you and your kids.

Perhaps you’d like to start your child’s artwork by incorporating his or her picture on the front of the scrapbook, and have your child write a few words about each piece of artwork. If you have a scanner, you can reduce the size of the artwork to fit the scrapbook as well. In any case, always use page protectors to ensure no damage will come to these special works of art.

If your child is much older, and you can’t find space for all of his artwork but nonetheless want to preserve it, how about buying those mailing tubes. You can label each one by year. This is another great way to keep this precious from becoming stained or accumulating damage through the years.

Whatever scrapbooking ideas you come up with, you and your kids will have a lifetime of memories to look forward to. They, in turn, will be able to show their kids and start their own traditional scrapbooking ideas as well.

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