Fun And Games With Your Toddler

Kids love to plan and Mom and Dad are usually their first and favorite playmades.  By taking time to play with your child, you may find that  it will help build confidence, teach cooperation and taking turns, and also help build a closer, loving, and stronger relationship with your child. When you spend an afternoon playing games with your toddler, you might be surprised at how much fun your time together is for you as well as your child. So grab a board game, bouncy balls, or a beanbag collection and spend the afternoon indulging in a few toddler games!

Making Chores into a Toddler Game

Making Choirs fun at an early age can be a life saver and can help developer a good work ethic as your child grows. You might be wondering how you are going to find time to play with your child between the laundry, cooking and housework that must be completed every day. The good news is that you can find time for toddler games and get your tasks finished at the same time. Young children love to help around the house, and you can turn the most mundane job into a fun and exciting activity for your little one. If you have a mountain of laundry to fold, give your child a pile of socks and ask him to find the matching pieces. If you have baking or cooking to do, allow your child to help measure ingredients and stir your mixtures. It may take a bit longer to complete your chores this way, but the time you and your child spend together will be worth the extra time spent.

Toddler Games that don’t require Supplies

Toddler games do not have to be pricey; in fact, some of these activities do not have to be purchased at all. You can make a game of walking to school by alternating running and skipping, or hopping over the cracks in the sidewalk. Have fun with morning preparations by racing to see who can get dressed first. There are many ways to turn the everyday activities into a game for your toddler. Inexpensive objects that you can keep on hand for toddler games of your own creation include bubbles and wands, balls of assorted sizes, and a collection of beanbags that will find numerous uses.

Board Games to Fight Boredom

When it comes to board games for your toddler, the old standbys are often the best. Candy Land is still a popular choice, and now comes in a variety of themes for your child’s gaming pleasure. Chutes and Ladders is another tried but true, as is Hi Ho Cherry-O and memory games. If your child prefers toddler games of a rowdier sort, Hungry, Hungry Hippos has been delighting this age for generations. Most of these games are educational as well as fun, because they teach skills such as color recognition, counting and early reading. Social skills learned include taking turns, staying on task, and good sportsmanship.

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