Some Fun and Frugal Activities for Kids

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It’s often the case that kids are bored at home with nothing to do and mom can’t face another costly activity. There are lots of fun actitities that don't have to cost an arm and a leg.

Children’s activities don’t have to cost much and they certainly don’t have to be boring.

Here are a few ideas:

Take a trip to the airport. You don’t actually have to go in the airport but you can park close by and spot the airplanes. Talk to your kids about where the airplanes may be going or how many people may be on board. Kids find airplanes fascinating.

Visit the train station. Again, [tag-self]kids[/tag-self] are fascinated by anything loud and with an engine. Help them spot the different trains and talk about where the passengers may be going.

Go to the sea side. You don’t have to save the beach for [tag-tec]summer breaks[/tag-tec] only. Go anytime of the year and collect rocks or sea shells. Let your kids play and run on the sand.

Take them to yard sales. Make a morning out of it and have fun. Tell each child they can choose a small toy or item. They can have fun chatting to different people, help you pay for things and even get some good exercise if you walk or take the bikes.

For the older kids, sometimes the best thing can be to let them chill out with a friend; a sleepover with a rented DVD can go a long way. As your children get older, you could try dusting off the hobbies you have hidden in the attic, such as the old hockey stick or the [tag-ice]fishing[/tag-ice] equipment and let them follow in your footsteps.

A little investment in a new hobby for them may be just the ticket to keep them entertained and active. Or if you have a fun activity try to get your child involved. I am starting early with my son. I learned to juggle in my college years and have tried to keep up with it. He just loves going outside with dad and watching him juggle. I am now starting to work on his coordination, playing catch with him and teaching him to throw a ball up and catching it. [tag-tec]Juggling[/tag-tec] with your child can be a lot of fun, however, even if you don't have a hobby you can easily share with your child, find something fun and learn it together! That can make your time together even more enjoyable!

With a little thought and imagination the possibilities for fun and frugal activities are endless. And don’t worry about not spending a lot of money, all that really matters is that you’re spending quality time with your kids.

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